REVIEW | W.Dressroom Dress & Living Season 2 Clear Perfume No. 97 April Cotton

Have you ever wanted to feel like entering an expensive and luxurious boutique every time you enter your own dressing room? Use this scented mist! It is specially made for cushions, furniture and even on your beautiful dress. Just spray it on and your own luxury boutique is yours.

How to Use?

Usually if I did not use any softener on my clothes during wash, I will spray this mist on all my clothes in the cupboard with one spritz on top of the clothes to make the scent spread evenly. This April cotton scent make my clothes smell super fresh just like I had taken them out from the dry cleaning store. The scent will linger on the clothes for more than 5 hours but unfortunately it will not stays forever.

The fresh scent made it easier for me to use it on my curtains and also cushions I had. If I have a surprise guest, I would spray it and the scent will stay in my home for a few hours. As per usual, the bigger the space the shorter time the scent will stay. But I do get compliments on the scent because it is super fresh and is not sharp on the nostrils. And the best part is it didn’t cause headache to any guest who came to my home.

This cologne came with :

Top Note: Lime, Bergamot, Anise, Pear, Clove

Middle note: Rose,Lily Of Valley, Violet

Base Note: Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Honey, Sandal

Hence why this perfume has a slight sweet but also fresh musky scent.

However, I do feel like this is a splurging kind of product because for their sizes and price point, I do think that this scent is on the pricier side. It didn’t stay long but the fact that it’s a scent and with anti bacterial purposes, it is quiet expensive and I just enjoyed it for my daily use. I sprayed it on my scarf or even make it as my body mist but I sprayed it not directly on my skin, just on clothes.

My Review
This is a great mist because it has a beautifully soft and a little sweet and fresh musky scent. However I do think that it is suitable for multipurpose uses because it is not just only give an added scent to the fabric, it also gives an added anti bacterial benefit. So I rather use it as my daily perfume and use it to make my clothes and my bedsheets smell nice. But for furniture and curtains, I don’t think this is suitable. However, the scent of it was pleasing and great to make your day because it gives you an instant feeling of freshness and I like it.


W.Dressroom Dress & Living Season 2 Clear Perfume No. 97 April Cotton


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