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According to the data from a research by Lim et al. (2012) on global disease caused by risk factors, 3.2 million people died in year 2010 due to the exposure to particulate matter (PM), a major air pollutant. Have you heard of negative air ions (NAIs)? NAIs was discovered a century ago. Empirical researches had shown strong evidence of NAIs works highly efficiently in reducing PM concentration.

Here’s a reference of the negative ion level in our surrounding environment. Industrial area has higher PM concentration thus there are 0 negative ions per cubic centimeter. In a nutshell, the higher the level of negative ion, the lower the pollution.

Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch

If you are living in big cities, it is quite difficult to be exposed to abundance of natural negative ions. The creation of Ionizer or Negative Ion Patches helps to produce negative ions in indoor. I am going to share my thoughts on 2 products that I have tried from Quantum Nanomax.

It generates up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter constantly which is almost equivalent to the amount of negative ions that can be found in waterfall or forest. It helps to purify air and no electricity is required.

– Clear the air of airbone allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses
– Clear the air of dust, pet dander and cigaratte smoke
– Reducing symptoms of depression for some body systems and cognitive performance
– Help regulate sleep patterns and mood
– Boost immune system function
– Reduce stress
– Removes odor
– No ozone emission


Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch (4 Patches)

Stick patches to areas with increased airflow such as air outlets on air conditioners or air vents or fans. Avoid scratching or damaging surface of the patch as it will decrease its activity. It is recommended to replace every 18 months.

I felt the optimal result on the first night when I attached the patch to the A.C in my bedroom. I went to bed very late but still able to wake up early in the morning without feeling tired or fatigue. During day time, I felt more refreshed in my room compared to other parts of the house. I gave 2 patches to my colleague to try and he said he felt energized.
I do not have sinus problem but I think it would help reducing the sinus infection for people who has sinus. This is a more cost-effective especially for people who could not afford to buy an Ionizer (Ion Air Purifier). Also, it claimed to be no ozone emission unlike some ionizer can produce dangerous indoor ozone.


Quantum Nanomax Automotive Negative Ion Patch (6 Patches)

The Quantum Nanomax Automotive Negative Ion Patch has the same function as the Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch. The only different is the size. It is narrower so it fits perfectly at the car air conditioner vent.

Stick patches to air conditioners outlets with airflow.

We have a 4 wheel drive that has quite a bad odor and even air freshener could not solve the problem. I placed 1 patch of Quantum Nanomax Automotive Negative Ion Patch at each air conditioner outlets. I used a total of 4 patches but I think 2 should be enough for a small space. I was surprised when the odor is completely gone on the next morning. The air is very fresh and made the trip pleasant. I am definitely considering to repurchase more of these.


Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch

Quantum Nanomax Automotive Negative Ion Patch


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