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Have you ever experienced breathing in moldy, dusty air that eventually made you kind of get sick from the continuous inhaling dust from the air? I know I’ve experienced it before and how bad it can be. The result? I had runny nose and headache the whole day. And I know I had to grab the chance when I’ve been offered to review this patch. I wanted to know whether this patch can improve the  ambient air health as well as reduced the level of air pollution, so that it somehow can match the air quality feel, like in a serene forest.

Introducing the Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch! It comes in 2 variants which are for the general living space and the automotive one. I’ll explain more in the next paragraph.

The Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion patch comes in 2 variants, for automotive and general living spaces. It claims to generate negative ions in order to provide pristine forest-like air quality as well as the “clean” air feeling after rain. With further reading on negative ions, I just knew that it occurred naturally and abundantly in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls and beaches/seaside, after-rain and thunderstorms. Interesting enough because it is my first time reading about it. #TIL

Negative ions also have tonnes of benefits to human life, including:
– Clear the air from airborne allergens (e.g. pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses)
– Clear the air from dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke
– Reducing symptoms of depression for some body systems and cognitive performance
– Help to regulate sleep patterns and mood
– Boost immune system function
– Reduce stress

Rather than using big, chunky equipment to purify the air, Quantum Nanomax introduce these negative ion patches. I find them really convenient and easy to bring around and stick it to desired, designated areas. The only difference between the 2 variants are their sizes and color (general – long and white-colored; automotive – small and black-colored). I guess the difference in colors and sizes somehow helps them blend with the surfaces they stick on.

front cover
information on the backside
shape and color of the patch designed for normal spaces
front cover for the automotive patch
information on the backside
shape and color for the patch designed for automotive

It is recommended to stick them (the more the better) in areas with increased airflow (e.g. open windows, fans and air-conditioners and cars air-vents). I chose a few areas that I think suit as per description. I just detached the back sticky glue cover and attached them to flat areas. 

the sticky backside
on the fan's blades
on the window's frame

For the general one (white), I put 2 patches on the blades of my bedroom’s fan and the rest on the frame of my bedroom’s window. As for the automotive variant, I put them on each air-conditioner outlets in one of my company’s car since I don’t own one. 

Overall Air Quality
I tried using the patches for almost 2 weeks now and I guess it somehow subtly helped to clear the air a bit, since the weather now has become quite chilly and windy too, and it also rained heavily in the evening or late night. The weather did help to alleviate the overall air quality in my living space.

Also, as I always open my windows for air circulation regardless of the time, my bedroom always has this clean and great air circulation (as what I feel for the past 1 year). And I never felt stuffy whenever I entered my room too. My housemate also regularly did the house chores hence, the living spaces are constantly clean. Due to this unforeseen circumstances, I can’t really tell whether it has shown its full potential or not.

I did noticed that the moldy smell in my company’s car reduced by a lot. Since it is an old car, the air filter didn’t work greatly as it was before. And many people used that car too, hence the musty and moldy smell is something unavoidable for whomever using that car. We always resulted to use car perfume to remove the bad smell. However, during the time that I attached the patch onto the air vents, the musty and moldy smell disappears instantly, together with the car perfume. And that, is something that I regard as incredible. This patch really works well in absorbing bad stench.

On the other hand, I did notice and felt that my sleep quality has increased by a lot too (it might also due to the combination of the patch usage and the chilly weather lately). Before this, I always tossed around during sleep and that resulted my mind to be like, half-awake by the time my alarm ring in the morning. However, since I used the negative ion patches, I think it did help me to doze off faster (given that I had a clear mind that day).


I think the patches helped a lot in terms of reducing the bad smell in confined space, like the car but it somehow didn’t manage to do that in an open space (example living room or bedroom) since most living spaces tend to have a great air circulation and is big in size too. And since I don’t have the equipment to measure the ambient air quality, the result is subjective and only based on my feelings and intuition (I guess). I can’t say the patch is working great to reduce the allergens and bacteria because I can’t measure them and cannot tell from my naked eye. Therefore, I’ll rate them with a score of 3.5/5

You can try and experience them for yourselves. I attached the link to the product down below. Thanks for reading!


Quantum Nanomax Automotive Negative Ion Patch (6 patches)
Quantum Nanomax Negative Ion Patch (4 patches)
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