Q&A | What Should I Do After Masks?

We all love a good mask session to keep our skin in tip top condition while also giving us a therapeutic spa effect. Spa day anyone?

I’m sure most of us already have our pre-mask routine to make sure our skin is primed to absorb the mask’s goodness. But what should we do after we’re done with our masks? Should our skin routine end there or should we continue with our skin care routine?

Let’s see what Beauty Memo Gurus say!

Amanda Says:
Absolutely yes! A masking step is basically the equivalent of a 10x serum effect, so you can definitely continue with your skincare routine after a mask.
For me, usually, I would… Cleanse, Tone, then use a sheet mask for 20-30 mins, pat the leftover essence into my skin and let it absorb for a few mins – then I proceed with the remaining of my skincare routine which is a serum/essence, a hydrating cream, and an eye cream.
Of course, you can use a sheet mask before the toning step if you want, or even after a cream. However, I personally follow or rather believe in the “thinnest to thickest consistency” rule which means I apply my skincare products in the order of thinnest to thickest. So a sheet mask, which usually has a watery/serum-like consistency, I’d usually use it after a toner and before a serum.
Noorain Zaini Says:
We love masking for many good reasons. Perhaps even more than any other part of your skincare routine, masking is all about dedicating time to yourself and basking in renewal and self-care.
Regardless of your skin type or concerns, the best face masks are loaded with beneficial ingredients (such as antioxidants, emollients, and humectants), come in opaque, air-restrictive packaging (to prolong stability), and avoid ingredients that are drying or irritating (including denatured alcohol, fragrance, and essential oils.)
There are various mask types available to solve our skin concerns like sheet masks, clay masks, sleeping masks, wash off masks, modelling masks, and many more. Most of them need to be applied on cleansed and toned skin before applying the mask.
After a masking session, your skin needs something to seal in all the goodness. So you’ll need to continue with your next routine, applying moisturizer. The reason that masks work so well is because they are formulated to deliver their active ingredients with precision and power.
How do you seal them in? By making sure to apply moisturizer! It helps inhibit water loss and locks in the ingredients, which is key to even better results and a longer-lasting mask glow. So, my answer is YES you can continue with your regular routine as usual.
Ae Cha Says:
It depends on what kind of face mask you are applying. You can proceed with your skincare routine after giving your skin a gentle massage. Always remember to prep your skin before applying the mask.
So, the preparation should consist of cleansing your face and using toner to prepare the skin. It is recommended to use a toner based on your skin type before applying the mask as it helps to balance the pH of your skin, keep skin hydrated, prevent premature aging, and it’s also for better and faster absorption.
But if you want to apply an overnight mask, your routine will be different from using a regular mask. As it’s namesake, we’ll need to leave this mask overnight and rinse off the next morning. First and foremost, you can start with your skincare routine and then apply the mask as the last step. If your skin is dry, you can apply an overnight mask as the mask texture is thicker and a bit creamier. And sometimes, this type of mask can replace your regular night moisturizer.
So, should you continue your skincare routine after a mask? Yes, of course! Usually, after applying a mask, I will always use toner, serum, and a pea-sized moisturizer to help balance and mix in all the precious ingredients. The most important is to choose the right ingredients and formula for your skin type and concerns.
Beverly Says:
Yes, of course! You may proceed with your regular skin care regimen after using a mask. I recommend those who have sensitive, acne-prone skin to lightly rinse off any excess serum after applying a sheet mask. Then, follow up with your daily skincare routine!
The reason for this is that normally, sheet masks are mixed with a small amount of preservatives ingredients in order to prevent nutrients from growing bacteria. For sensitive, acne-prone skin, this might damage the mucous membrane of the skin or cause clogged pores, white/black-head, and acne.
Raihanah Says:
If you’re the type who use peel-off, sheet, or wash-off masks at the beginning of your routine, then you may continue your skincare routine afterwards as normal. There is no harm done as they served their purpose of exfoliating or detoxifying.
Peel off or wash off masks should be used as the first step of your routine while sheet masks are typically worn after a serum/essence/ampoule followed by moisturizer. You probably wouldn't want to use these at the end of your routine because it certainly wastes your efforts in putting all the serum/essence earlier.
As for sheet masks, you can use it at the start or in the middle because some sheet masks can have soothing ingredients to soothe inflammation on the skin. This will calm your skin before continuing to the next step in your routine.
Overnight masks tend to have a thicker and heavier consistency as it serves as the emollient to seal off all the goodness from products worn in your earlier routine. Hence, it’s normally worn as the last step of your routine.
Masks can come in a variety of types, be it sheets, wash-off, overnight, peel-off, etc. Different types of masks serve different purposes hence you should really know when to use the intended masks.
Lily Says:
I think it depends on your masks. There are some masks meant for deep cleansing, some for hydration, some for brightening etc. If the mask you're using is deep cleansing, then yes! Please continue with your normal skin routine. It'll help to replenish your skin's moisture and protect it as well.
If you're using a mask that focuses on moisturising, I personally don't find it necessary to do the full skincare routine. Because my personal skincare is all about hydrating my dry skin, so I find it a bit of an "over-kill" to do my full skincare routine.
What I like to do is to pat the leftover essence on my skin to absorb the goodness. Once my skin absorbs everything, then I'll move on to applying toner and only toner. This is because it helps to protect my skin from any potential irritants in my environment.

Here you have it, our Beauty Memo Gurus have spoken! Your after-mask routine depends on the type of mask you use and your skin type. So remember to keep Beauty Memo Guru’s advice in mind for your next mask session! Again, a gentle reminder to consider their expertise but also adjust it to your own personal experience and skin conditions.

Stay beautiful and stay tuned to the next Q&A session! 

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