REVIEW | My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask

My Scheming is a Taiwan-based skincare brand that focuses on attracting women of all ages with their creative and innovative methods in skin caring with quality products alongside its affordable prices. With its various sheet mask line and care ranges, people always seek this brand to find products suitable to their skin needs. The catchphrase for this goes along the lines “back to the basic and simple skincare routine, no more comfort zone but BEAUTY zone”.

Same goes for myself, as I was attracted to try My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask as it claims to give brightening effect to the skin (like most brands would do). Aside from that, I’m also attracted to its white-blue packaging design as it somehow portrays idea of “brightening”? (or is it just me?)

This milk extract mask falls under the Classic Range where it also features other variants such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (repairing), Bird’s Nest Collagen (hydrating), and Bamboo Charcoal Volcano Mud Extract (pore minimizing). I chose the milk extract variant because I’m looking for something to hydrate and brighten my skin at once, though for sheetmask, it’s something that is quite impossible to achieve in one try. Nevertheless, I like to give this mask a chance to prove it claims. 

The Classic range sheetmask comes in 5pcs/box and is quite affordable too.

Infused with milk extract and rich in vitamins and minerals, this variant vows to moisturize the skin and preventing it from drying out while restoring the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and replenish fine lines. Sounds so tempting to me. Its main components also composed of:

– Vitamin E: powerful anti-oxidant

– Truffle: rich in nutrients and polysaccharides , provides plentiful moisture to the keratin and epidermis layers

– Gentian extract: a nourishing and anti-inflammatory agent, aids in uneven skin tone

– Ginkgo extract: helps skin resist oxidation and repairs oxidative damage during daytime


My review:

This variant is super great at hydrating my skin and the fit is one of the best among all sheetmasks that I’ve ever tried. I can feel the plumping and suppleness of my moisturized skin increase tremendously after wearing this sheetmask. It also gave instant brightening effect to my skin (though only for a short while) which I like – means that this brand’s sheetmask variant truly living up to its claims.

The adherence is also very great to my skin, it fits and sits nicely on the skin too. I just don’t prefer the plastic backing because

It also didn’t feel tacky or sticky after I used it for a short while (15-20 minutes as recommended on the pack). The leftover essence can be easily poured onto the already-dampen sheet or can be used separately as it is after the sheetmasking session as a hydrating toner or essence.

Overall, for me, this brand produces really great sheetmask in terms on the fit, ingredients and formula, and the product can do as it claims. I’m sure to repurchase another variant under this brand in the future. You guys should try it out too!


My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask 5pcs
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