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This ceramide emulsions claim to be an ultra moisturizing emulsion that strengthens the weakened skin moisture barrier and provides impeccable moisturizing effects. It is enriched with powerful hibiscus moisture barrier. This products is a Mamonde’s exclusively developed Ceramide PC-104 ingredient and the twice enhanced moisturizing effective ingredients of the hibiscus flower strengthen the skin’s batter to deliver moisture to the deepest layers of the skin. It claims to give the skin intense Double-moisture barrier™ and the double moisture barrier technique reinforces the skin’s moisture support to ensure that it retains its deep and comforting moisture over extended periods.

How to Use?
Lotions are also a great starter in every skincare routines for first layer after the toner, by applying lotion after toning this will helps to make the other skincare absorbs better and make our skin get ready to accept other layer of skincare. But because this emulsions is a little thicker than normal lotions, it is suitable to be used after toning or even after hydrating essence and it is also can be used as moituriser. It all depends on how your skin feels, if you love thicker layer than you can add more but if you want just enough then just stop with emulsions only.

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This is a great way if you want deep hydration for your skin but do not want any feeling of a thick coating on the skin. Just use lotion! It is a great way to skip moisturiser, because lotions also contains ingredient for moisturising and helps to give our skin enough hydration but in a thinner consistency.

I love to use this lotion as the last step in my routines on weekends because sometimes on the weekend we do our chores and always sweat a lot. Wearing a thick moisturiser tends to make our skin feel suffocated and this is annoying especially when it causes the skin to looks oily and greasy. I used this lotions as a replacement for moisturiser and it made my skin feel lighter but at the same time I do have the same hydrating benefit from it.

My Review

I love to use this lotions as it helps a lot because the thinner consistency of it made my skin feel lighter but still getting great hydration benefits from it. This lotions helps a lot on making my skin barrier stay stable and did not making my skin easily irritated even under the sun a lot. It was a great way for my skin to stay healthy and remain the best. I love that this lotions helps a lot on maintaining my skin moisture and I do really lve it. It is also left my skin looking dewy and healthy even on a very rough conditions. Great that it helps a lot on repairing my skin barrier to make it better and better everyday!


Mamonde Ceramide Emulsion


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