REVIEW | Cocod’or Reed Diffuser #April Fresh

I love how luxurious this diffuser is; the packaging itself already made it look luxurious. It comes in a clear plastic box with a separator inside. The separator is used to secure the reeds and flowers and to make sure they’re not smooshed. The diffuser is in a glass bottle with a clear and black stickers on with golds text to make it look super luxurious and is really suitable to enhance your room décor. It’s simple but has an elegant vibe.

I got it in April Fresh scent with a rich floral fragrance with sweet berry to create a soft and cozy powdery scent. It almost smells like a fabric softener and it made my room smell like fresh laundry from an expensive dry cleaning shop.

How to Use?

A. Start with opening the outer golden cap by turning it counterclockwise
B. Remove the inner cap to expose the oils
C. Close the outer golden cap back on the bottle
D. Insert the reeds into the bottle
E. Allow reeds to absorb the oil for 1 to 2 days
F. Remove the reeds and place the opposites ends in the oil, rotate as needed to best diffuse the scent into the place.

However, once I followed the instructions, I noticed that the reeds don’t even need to be upside down because once I put them in the oil it immediately absorbs the oil in it and it is fast too! The scent immediately dispersed into my room as soon as I put the reeds in it and if you like the scent to be more subtle, just put in two reeds instead of three and it is already enough for the whole rooms. I did not need to wait for two hours, the scent immediately dispersed after the reeds were put in.

This diffuser also came with precautions too such as:
A. Do not ingest diffuser oil. Seek medical attention immediately if you do.
B. Is it prohibited to use for any purpose other than its intended use of fragrances.
C. Keep this product out of the reach from children and pets.
D. Avoid contact with eyes or skin occurs, rinse with water immediately. If irritation persist, contact physician.
E. Avoid contact with furnishings, fabric and painted or wooden surfaces.
F. It is dangerous and flammable. Do not leave the product near flame.
G. Care should be taken to use the diffuser in enclosed space with adequate ventilation for your health.

It is also a safe to use diffuser because it is free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene and adhere to IFRA standards and regulations. All of their diffuser bottles have completed safety tests.

My Review
I am super satisfied with this air freshner. I have been using it for more than three weeks in my room with a fan and air conditioner. I am totally surprised that even with the liquidy texture and open wide holes, but still it took a long time to finish. The scent of it dispersed beautifully in my room and I might suggest it to be used in bedrooms and small rooms only because I think it might not be smelling too strong if used in wider room. I am super pleased that I get a lot of compliments of how great my room smells everytime I had a guest come into my rooms and this brings me a great memory of this diffuser. More great points is, it did not used any electricity and batteries, so it is a plus!


Cocod’or Reed Diffuser


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