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For dehydrated skin, cleansing is important too besides keeping your skin stay hydrated with a good moisturizer. Choosing a wrong cleanser might strip down your skin’s natural oils making your dehydrated skin worse. Dehydrated skin is easily to overcome but without proper care, it might lead to several skin problems like dryness and itchiness due to compromised skin barrier.

SIMPLE Water Boost range has come out with a cleanser that 100% soap free with micellar water technology that able to lift out purities without drying out your skin.

Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash, a new generation face wash that delivers instant hydration and gentle yet effective cleansing. Lightweight on your skin, the micellar cleansing bubbles glide over your face, attracting make-up and dirt while leaving skin instantly refreshed.




It has a flexible tube packaging with 150ml of product. The size is quite big and bulky. It has a flip cap opening. No leakage so far.




The texture is like a gel. Odourless & colourless. It is quite thick so it’s advisable to lather the product on your palm first before cleansing your face. It does not produce too much foams or become bubbly.



It claims to cleanse your face gently without stripping off your natural oils and skin barrier. This cleanser did a great job at getting rid of makeup residue and sunscreen. But sometimes this cleanser did make my skin feel a bit tight after use which made me feel the urge to immediately grab a hydrating mist to rehydrate my skin. I don’t like the tightness on my skin. Somehow, this cleanser did not give any irritations or peculiar bumps on my skin. Maybe I need to reduce the amount of product. I love how this cleanser glides smoothly on my skin and make my skin feel refreshed.



If your skin is sensitive to dye, fragrance and harsh chemicals, this cleanser would be on the recommended list.


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