REVIEW | Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff – An Underrated Gem

Do you spend hundreds of ringgits on cleansing devices? Well if you can afford it then by all means, enjoy it! *cues Ariana Grandeโ€™s 7 Rings* I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!

However if you are on a budget but have been swooning over cleansing devices like Foreo or that sonic cleansing brush, fret not! There is a cleansing device available that is super affordable! Enter Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff.

Whatโ€™s different about this cleansing puff is that this spongey black cleansing puff is made of PVA instead of konjac like most cleansing puffs or sponges out there. When I first purchased it, it arrived really hard I was quite worried lol but as I wet it, it becomes so soft and squishy!

Texture and Smell

It has no smell even though I sniff closely. No plastic smell or anything at all. It looks dense and is about the size of my palm, which feels handy and comfortable.

When I soaked it in water, it grows bigger ever so slightly but it does not expand much.



On my facial skin, it feels like it’s gently exfoliating as if it is โ€œpolishingโ€ my face. It does not feel hard, abrasive or rough on my facial skin provided that I rub it on in a gentle and tender manner. It feels a lot gentler than other physical exfoliators such as facial scrubs. However, compared to my Nion Cleansing Device here,

It feels that this Nion Cleansing Device is gentler. Considering the price, the comparison is well justified, donโ€™t you think?

It is not as widely porous as a normal konjac sponge is.

How to Use

What I love about this Gentle Black Cleansing Puff is how multifunctional it is! You can use this not only as a substitute for cleansing device during the usual cleansing routine (the one with your second cleanser) but also during makeup removing process with your cleansing oil. Here are two ways of using this puff for double cleansing:

  1. With cleansing oil:

Pump or squeeze out your cleansing oil onto your face and massage it as usual, taking off your make up or sunscreen. When you are done, soak this black cleansing puff in warm water and then wipe the puff all over your face until all the cleansing oil and melted makeup is removed. Donโ€™t forget to rinse the black cleansing puff off and let it dry.

  1. With your usual cleanser (second cleanser / water-based)

Completely wet the sponge and squeeze out your cleanser on it and cleanse your face using the sponge. Make sure to use gentle motion and avoid tugging the facial skin so much. After use, wash the black cleansing puff in running water and dry it in a ventilated area to re-use. Do not leave the sponge or puff in a wet or damp condition to avoid it from being a house for bacteria or dirt.


This black cleansing puff provides me with just the right amount of physical exfoliation I need. However, I donโ€™t really use it every day as I donโ€™t want to run the risk of over-exfoliation since I am also using chemical exfoliation such as glycolic acid twice weekly. I also make sure not to use this on the same day I am applying my glycolic acid treatment.

I love to use this puff with my cleansing oil as it makes my skin feels a lot cleaner and to be honest it is way more comfortable then rinsing the mess of the melted makeup plus cleansing oil off with the tap water at the sink or under the shower. Soaking the black cleansing sponge in warm water and using that squishy baby to remove the melted makeup plus cleansing oil feels a lot more satisfying and less hassle.

As for using it as a cleansing device with my second cleanser, I find it to be enjoyable too but I prefer my Nion Cleansing Device as it feels gentler than this puff. However, to compare this with facial scrub such as those with coarse particles, of course this black cleansing puff is gentler. Besides, for the price, it is so worth it! If you ask me, this is indeed a n underrated gem and I am so happy to have discovered it.

Skin feels smooth without irritation but thoroughly cleansed and free of accumulated dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin. My only complaint would be the storage issue of this sponge when it is drying off after being used. I need to find an open-air container and a space that is well ventilated to avoid ugly and unhygienic formation of bacteria or fungus or any of that sort.

My rating: 4/5

Would I repurchase: yes


Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff


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