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Medicated essential balms, essential oils or “heat rub” are quite common in the Asian family household. These topical medications are quite multipurpose. It is known as a “cure-all” product especially in Chinese households (See more). I grew up using Tiger balms and Vicks but there are a variety of brands in the market selling topical medication. So I though why not try something else and I came across this brand called Reun Rom in Hermo.

Reun Rom is a Thai brand that was founded to inherit Thai local wisdom by combining traditional and modern Thai skin care methodologies with the use of Thai herbs that resemble the ancient household remedies and as key ingredients. It produced a series of products related to lifestyle and spa. Besides, the brand also uses raw materials from their local produce to support and improve the lives of Thai farmers (Reunrom Story).


I guess this is no stranger to most Asian households. The magical balm that can be used as “painkiller” for rheumatic pain, ease the itch from mosquito bites or insect stings, relief stuffed nose and prevent dizziness or car sickness. Just use your fingertip to melt the balm and apply it onto the skin that is affected.

Reun Rom Essential Balm comes in 4 variants, #Borneol&Camphor, #Cloves&Nutmeg, #Lemongrass and #Tangerine. The essential oils in each scents have different functions. I bought the Borneol & Camphor variant.

Claims: This essential balm features an authentic Thai formula that has the ability to reduce dizziness through the formulation of Borneol and Camphor. It provides an uplifting and vigorous feeling to facilitate breathing. It also reduces inflammation in the gentlest way and comes with a cooling scent from Menthol.

My Verdict: It smells cooling and relaxing, something similar to the Inhaler Nasal Stick but less pungent. Unlike the heat rub, this is more gentle and does not sting the skin. You can apply the balm at the philtrum to clear stuffed nose or at the temples to prevent dizziness. I have yet to try the other variants but I am definitely interested to check them out.


I haven’t really seen anything like this until my sister in law bought one from Sabah (a traditional brand). It is like a aromatherapy, an alternate healing method for headaches, nausea, sinus and more.

The scented herbs comes in 5 variants, namely, #Lavender, #Original, #Peppermint, #Rose and #Tangerine. I bought the #Original scent.

Claims: Original scented herbs from a wide variety of herbs such as Borneol, Champor, Menthol, Eucalyptus combined with local Thai herbs such as dried Lemongrass, dried Thai Tamarind leaves, dried Thai pepper and dried coriander seeds that help make you feel refreshed, relaxed as well as relieving dizziness from its refreshing scent.

How to Use: Hold the container near to your nose and sniff.

My Verdict: It looks very pretty. I like how the herbs and spices are packed in a net so it won’t be messy. And the little mortar and pestle packaging looks so adorable. The scent is slightly gentler compared to the local brand that I have tried before. The scent is very soothing, does not sting the nose but helps to clear stuffed nose especially for people with Sinus. It is very calming, refreshing and cooling.

Give this a try if you are not a fan of the scent of traditional topical medication. Reun Rom added a modern twist in traditional remedies and it might change your mind. You can get these products in Hermo.



Reun Rom Essential Balm

Reun Rom Scented Herbs 

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