REVIEW | Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff

This is a cleansing puff made with PVA and it is a gentle black cleansing puff that can be used with foaming cleansers, facial soaps, and even cleansing oils. The soft texture in contact with water allows the sponge to effectively remove the waste on the skin effortlessly and leaves skin feeling smooth. This cleansing puff is from Klairs’s Gentle Black Cleansing line.

How to use?

Because of its multipurpose and the gentleness of this puff, I can surely use it in many situations.

1. Use it as Cleansing Puff

I just wet this puff up with some water and pour some cleanser straight onto it to foam it up or massage cleanser onto my skin first. The puff helps to work my cleanser deeper into my skin. After 60 seconds of that, I wipe the foam off with this puff. However, I do not use it often because sometimes it will works like an exfoliator too. So it is better to use it only once a day or if you have a really sensitive skin and afraid of moisture loss, just use it three times a week to be safe.

2. Use it as a Mud Mask Cleanser

I frequently use mud masks and I do find it harder to be cleansed especially when they are thicker consistency and dry. Using this puff to remove mud masks is a really good beauty hack and makes it so much easier to clean. Just damp the puff with lukewarm water and voila! The mud mask is easily removed.

3. I also Use it as a Spa Massager

Because of the soft puff, I can easily apply any cleansers or oils on my skin and used this puff to massage my face. Just push the puff from lower jaw to upper section of your cheeks and do it in continuedly. This method helps to cleanse our skin better, release tension, and also helps to improve blood circulation which allows better oxygen flow and lead to healthier skin.

From top to bottom, we can see that the progress from hard at first but once the puff touches with water, it is bendable and flexible. The face wash that I used is a cream cleanser and it did not create a lot of bubbles but if you are using a foamy cleanser, more micro bubbles will be created when using this puff.

My Review

I can’t get over this puff and I think I will buy more of them because they are super multipurpose! The puff made my skin look better because I don’t touch my skin with my bare hands as much these days which means my skin is less exposed to germs. It’s also so easy to use and clean, I just use it whenever my skin feels itchy.

I keep it in my room because they are hardened after drying which makes it easier to store. I don’t recommend keeping the puff in the bathroom because the moisture in the bathroom with dampen the sponge which is not really great. To avoid mould and germs, I kept it in my bedroom and I recommend to use a puff for not more than 6 months, because with every use as  germs might build up inside even if we clean it with soap. But for the cheaper price point and the effortless cleansing it provides, I do think that this is a great puff!



Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff


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