REVIEW | Ma Cherie Moisture Conditioner

Immediately fell in love with this conditioner as I’m a person that can’t live without hair conditioner. My hair will be screaming for help and fall a ton if I wash my hair without it. So, basically hair conditioner is part of my hair care routine for years since I was 12 years old until now. 

I recently found this brand – Shiseido Ma Cherie from my colleague who introduced me to this brand when I was talking about buying a new bottle of conditioner. I love this brand so much ever since I first tested it out!! No lie and its good! This is one of the Japanese product that is quite well know I guess. First of all, the scent! When I bought it and place it in my handbag, I could smell that pleasant scent of this shampoo. Not even using it yet and the scent already so nice!

I have very straight and long hair since young and I don’t really like it. I was envious of people who had wavy and curly hair so, I permed my hair into curls almost every year to achieve the look I wanted. And my hair was definitely damaged after perming due to the chemicals and the heat used during the process. My hair is dryer and split ends appear as time goes by. And my hair will be tangled up if I ever skip a day without conditioner. So this conditioner is really my hair savior.

Ma Cherie Moisture Conditioner is formulated with Rich Pearl Aesthetic and Honey Jelly. Honey Jelly is not just great for skin but also for hair! It is a protein and amino acid-rich substance that nourish the scalp and hair to achieve moisturized hair with shine-enhancing benefits. Not only that, it also helps in repairing damaged hair from the inner shaft to the hair ends.

How to use:

After shampooing, remove excess water and apply over hair ends. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.

As you can see from the photo below, before and after using the conditioner:

My opinion:

I got the 450ml bottle which the is the biggest bottle. Since I have very long hair, this bottle probably last me less than 4 months or less I guess. Anyway, I tried using it after shampoo-ing, and the result is amazing. My hair became super duper smooth. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily after washing which I really like. After washing and blow drying my hair, I could see the glow on my hair. Plus my hair no longer tangles up like a bush! 

My favourite part of this shampoo is still the scent! I wasn’t sure if it is more fruity or floral. But the unique blend was really delightful and fresh. Somehow quite a special scent to me. The scent is really strong so a single wash will leave your hair smelling good. I would rate this product as 5 stars because I really love it so much. When choosing conditioner, I’m not as particular as shampoo because I normally don’t touch the conditioner to my hair scalp. I’ll just rub it at the end of my hair. Recommended to for all hair types! And of course, I will repurchase it!

Full ingredients:


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