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A’Pieu My Handy Roll On Perfume is a cute sized perfume that conveniently fits in your hands, for a subtle spritz any time, anywhere. This roll-on perfume is perfect for life on-the-go and travelling. It comes in a convenient test tube-sized bottle with a roll that you can bring anywhere and easily applied anytime. The divine fragrance A’Pieu My Handy Roll On Perfume lasts a long time, with minimal ingredients that is suitable for everyone.

Perfume is like aromatherapy for our mind and body. Certain scents may bring back memories, trigger moods and emotions. Sometimes this happens in our subconscious where we suddenly become angry, anxious, sad, or happy without knowing why. This is why choosing a good scent will change everything. We need to pick a scent that will make us feel more confident and full of positivity which will also make us more approachable.

That is why I chose the Peony from A’Pieu Handy Roll on perfume. Because of it’s easy-to-bring everywhere size, it made it easier for me to be ready for any occasion. For example if I am going to an event or meeting, I could simply apply the scent on and feel confident about myself. Peony scent is suitable for feminine and sweet women because it reflects how fragile, sweet and pure we are.

The Peony scent profile:

Top notes: Red apple
Middle notes: Peony, Carnation, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Suede

Red apples as the top notes will give you a very positive, fresh and energetic feeling. It has a sweet and strong burst of scent in the first application to boost your mood. Roll on the perfume in the morning and experience the instant energy. The flower scent in the middle notes will penetrate through the scent and leave you feeling fresh and and have peace of mind.


Suede in the base note compliments this perfume pleasantly as it smells like the outdoors and makes my heart feel warm. This perfume works well with any clothes because the scent will blend in with our clothing and allow us to present ourselves professionally.

Did you know? The scent of flowers can affect our dreams and improve sleep. The flower scent makes us more relaxed and alleviate anxiety, insomnia and stress, it can also make us sleepier and also affect our dreams. Getting enough sleep with a great dream can make us feeling more energized every morning. This may in turn allow us to be more positive in our daily life. This is why I love the peony scent for my bed time. I put it on my wrist, ears and elbows before sleeping and the scent helps a lot to make me feeling relaxed.

My Review

Although not much research on how the flower scent can effect our body and mind, but we experienced how the smell effect our life and mind first-hand. This made me love the perfume even more because I feel relaxed and attractive. The flower scent did not give me a headache and it is not too strong and doesn’t disturb my nose. I love that this perfume lingers long on me and I get compliments from my colleagues asking me why I still smell nice even in evenings. This made me love this pocket perfume even more and will be my favourite flower scented perfume of all time.


A’Pieu My Handy Roll On Perfume

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