REVIEW | Animato Horse Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap

I’ve always seen the Animato Horse Oil Haircare range from Japan on hermo as a popular, bestselling product since 2016. I’ve heard the reviews for the Horse Oil shampoo/conditioner are really good and has always been prompted to buy and try it out one day but somehow that day never came until today! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Animato Horse Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash!


The Animato Horse Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash are made of horse oil extract –  which helps to repair, nourish and moisturize weakened and damaged hair while promoting stronger, healthier tresses. The key ingredients for the shampoo include seaweed and Tsubaki oil (a type of Japanese flower); while for the conditioner its key ingredients include seaweed and pearl, and for the body wash its key ingredients include seaweed and silk.


They come in a brown amber plastic bottle that is really big, each containing 700ml of products.

The front label clearly illustrates the product and the iconic horse. They also inserted English names so it’s very convenient.

At the back, you can see the product color a little better now. The conditioner looks more of a light brown with the amber-colored bottle because of the white color of conditioners. It also shows the Japanese instructions and product information.

The bottle pump comes sealed, which you have to turn a couple times then it will pop out.


The shampoo is a clear colored liquid.

The shampoo also lathers and forms bubbles very easily.

The conditioner is a white, slightly thick consistency.

The body wash is a clear liquid that lathers very easily to form luxurious foamy bubbles.

Now, I’ll be trying out the Shampoo & Conditioner on my oily scalp + thin hair that gets oily very easily. Here’s what my hair/scalp looks like before washing:

After using the Shampoo & Conditioner, and blow-drying it – my hair looks like this.

While applying the shampoo, I only needed 1 to 1.5 pump full to thoroughly lather my medium length hair. It lathered very easily and has a mild fruity scent. It definitely makes my hair feel lightweight and doesn’t weigh it down. Definitely, a shampoo that I like because people with thin hair like me need to use lightweight hair care products that doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it feel heavy/greasy.

I also used about 1 pump of the conditioner on my hair, rubbing it in between my palms as I comb it through the ends of my hair. I don’t apply conditioner on the scalp of my head. The conditioner made my hair feel super luxurious and soft and detangled!

For the body wash, I used about 2 pumps for my whole body. It created nice and foamy bubbles easily and my skin was left refreshed and soft.

All in all, I really liked the Animato Horse Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash and felt that it really does help moisturize and nourish my thin hair, while the body wash left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I definitely recommend all these products to anyone!

You can get it here!

Horse Oil Shampoo

Animato Horse Oil Shampoo

Horse Oil Treatment

Animato Horse Oil ShampooHorse Oil Body Soap

Animato Horse Oil Body Soap

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