REVIEW | A’Pieu Cerabutter Hand Cream #Mango Butter

I used to hate using a hand cream for it’s sticky and tacky feel on my hands, which often made me uncomfortable. However, with the current global pandemic still ongoing, we are advised to take extra care of our hygiene which includes washing our hands frequently.

I noticed that my hands got dry pretty quickly due to the over-usage of hand soaps while taking care of them. This situation forced me to use a hand cream in order to prevent my hands from drying and become irritated.

I recently purchased a hand cream from A’pieu at Hermo and I am loving it so much that I’m sharing it with you today.


There are 5 choices of hand creams from the brand. Since I am a fan of Mango, so I got myself the #Mango Butter hand cream.

Product Name:

A’Pieu Cerabutter Hand Cream #Mango Butter


Made in Korea



A dry hand skin a moist moisture impregnated water membrane to form help enables smooth.

And neatly and smooth finish fast absorption without stickiness.


Nourishes, Hydrates, Moisturises





Method of application:

Apply to clean, dry skin of the hands with soft massaging movements.


The Packaging:

The hand cream comes in a small yellow tube with a white screw cap. There is an illustration of mango at the front of the tube. Yummy!

There are some Korean informations at the back of the tube. It doesn’t comes in its own box, so I had to look up for the information through the Internet.

The pin-hole size is just nice to dispense an adequate amount of the hand cream for a single use.

The Scent:

The scent of mango is not too strong but just nice for my liking.


My Thoughts:

The moment I dispense out the hand cream, I am happy seeing how it is not too rich. I prefer a light hand cream and this one from A’Pieu suits my taste.

The hand cream has a medium to thick consistency which spread easily and effortlessly. It takes a short time to absorb into my skin. My hands instantly feels moisturized by the soft hand cream. It doesn’t feels heavy or leaving a film on my hands, very comfortable to use ❣️ it gives a silky finish.

It does leaves an initial tackiness but it goes away after a while, so I don’t mind that. I think it stays put for a decent 4-5 hours, if I don’t wash my hands in between that period.

Since I work in an air-conditioned room, using this hand cream has greatly help to keep my hands stay moisturized and not dry.

The scent lingers for a while too, I love the mild mango scent. Hand cream usually has perfume scent or fragrance, so be wary if you’re sensitive to artificial scents.

I am happy with my purchase. I’ll definitely buy myself the other variants from the brand.





A’pieu Cerabutter Hand Cream




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