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If you are a fan of K-Pop namely the BTS group (any Army here?), WANNA ONE/NU’EST, and PRODUCE 101 you would have probably seen Kim Taehyung (BTS) using this W.Dressroom perfume in variant No.45 Morning Rain. Also seen using No. 97 April Cotton is Jungkook of BTS too, and No. 49 Peach Blossom on both Hwang Minhyun of WANNA ONE/NU’EST and Yoo Seonho of PRODUCE 101.

(BTS star Jungkook with his No. 97 April Cotton. Picture credit: here)

As the name suggests, these W.Dressroom perfumes are perfumes for dress and room. They are German undiluted solutions for fabrics (garments, beddings, pillows, curtains, carpet etc.) and living spaces (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, bed room, work, shoe rack, etc.). This brand really reminds me of Jo Malone because of the wide selection of scents which are named after them: Herb Woody, Gentlemen Code, Morning Rain, Fig Leaf, Mediterranean Breeze, Secret Musk, and more. And for the price, you get 70ml of liquid perfume so that is really a great deal if you ask me!

I bought the April Cotton (No.97) and Peach Blossom (No. 49) which are both my second bottles of each.


Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Dipropylene Glyco, Butylene Glycol, BHT

Yes the ingredients list for all their clear perfume line is very minimal as I don’t expect a cologne or a room and clothes mist to have too many junks in the formulation.


I think one of the reasons that contributed to their affordable price tag is that they really save on packaging, unlike most perfume names that charge for the luxurious and prestigious bottles as part of their brand concepts. I love collecting designer perfumes for their exquisite smells and also they sit on my vanity beautifully. However for my house and my clothes, I don’t think I need to splurge much. Besides, this W.Dressroom has a quality smell which is great!

It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a black cap. There is not much fanciness to it as they look rather plain and simple which looks effortless.

Plus the plastic bottle is more secure and travel-friendly. So even though they do not score much in the aesthetic area, they definitely excel in practicality. Full marks for the nozzle as it is really easy to press and it dispenses a fine generous mist so it won’t feel like you’re shooting your room or fabrics with a water-gun or a water sprinkler.

𝐀𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥 𝐂𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨𝐧

When I first saw the list of perfume selection for this line, No. 97 first caught my eyes because of the word cotton. At that moment I have already imagined spraying this to all my cottons – my bed sheet, my pillowcases, my son’s napkins, my towels, my husband’s kain pelikat and my own kain batik in the wardrobe. So that when my parcel arrived, it was such a relief to know that the smell didn’t let me down.

The top notes of this number are lime, bergamot, anise, pear, and clove. Middle ones are rose, lily of valley, and violet. Base notes are musk, amber, vanilla, honey, and sandalwood. As I spritzed it to my fabrics, it smells like I am in the middle of a meadow in the mountain with little white clouds in the sky, hanging my fresh warm laundry on a long, big long wire. It has this vibe of fresh laundry that is cosy and subtly soapy. It also lifts up the mood of the whole wardrobe and also our bedroom by giving it a clean, fresh, light and airy feelings.

If you want to light up a stuffy space or a stale car smell but don’t want something too overbearing, this would be the perfect smell for you. I also spray this around my vanity.


𝐏𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐦

Well first off, this is not all in the name as it really lives up to its name. Guys, this one literally smells like peach. It’s like someone just sliced a big, juicy peach in the room. Or maybe this is how it smells like if you go fruit-picking in a peach farm. As it subsides it reminds me of a cold peach froyo, no joke!

I reach for this one for my kitchen, my car, my front yard, the old clothes and boxes in the store room, and my shoe racks. Sometimes I also spray this in my car boot and my husband’s shoes. The fragrantly sweet and fruity smell wonderfully diminishes the unpleasant odour and replaces it with the smell of a big juicy peach without masking the odour. Even though this one is more overpowering as compared to the April Cotton, this doesn’t make you suffocated or smothered. Well at least for me hehe!

This takes away the musty and mouldy smell off the space and makes the air feels a lot lighter and more breathable. It says that it removes 99.9% of bacteria causing the bad smell, which is something a housewife would really appreciate. Oh by the way the notes are honey, peach, apple, and banana as the top ones, middles are peach, prune, and jasmine while the base ones are coconut and orris.

I think this one is great for musty old clothes in your store room, smelly food leftovers and compost stuff in the dustbins in your kitchen, the foot smell from the shoes, or somewhere lacking fresh air or ventilation. This Peach Blossom’s smells also lingers around longer than April Cotton.


My Rating for both perfumes: 4.8/5

I really love the smell of both of these more than the usual air-fresheners for car because these have no strong alcohol smell or suffocating notes. As for the longevity, I don’t expect these to last, say, as long as eight hours as an EDP does because these Clear Perfumes fall into the Eau de Cologne category.

Would I repurchase? O to the M to the G to the Y-E-S! I am not only thinking of stocking up (for these two) but also trying some new numbers for my living room, my son’s room, my undergarments drawers, and perhaps my work space.

Footnote: If you have smelled any of these and think otherwise than what I explained here, note that I wrote this review solely on my own preference. Our personal taste in scent are definitely individualistic so yeah, I am open to opposite views.



W.Dressroom Dress & Living Season 2 Clear Perfume



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