REVIEW | My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask #Deep Moisturizing

Hi Hi hello~ welcome to another sheetmask review from me. You should already know that by now, shouldn’t you? ;D

This round, I’m going to review another variant of My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask which is the Deep Moisturizing variant. You must be wondering, the six hyaluronic acids should be enough as one of the hydrating agents in this sheetmask, so what else that we (you) look out for in this variant?

Before that, a little introduction on this brand – this sheetmask is one of the famous Taiwan skincare brands that produce affordable yet effective skincare products, especially sheetmasks. Intriguing isn’t it? So no more wasting time, lets go~

The packaging:

Not too different from the My Scheming Six Essence HA Black Mask (Extra Brightening) that I reviewed previously, this one also falls under the same line which is the Six Essence HA Black Mask but this one is the Deep Moisturizing Variant. The only thing differs them apart is the accent color which in this case is purple and the ingredients.

The formula:

Aside from the six hyaluronic forms (Hyaluronsan HA-LQH, HA-TLM, Hyalo Oligo, Hyaloveil-P, Hyacross TL100 and Hymagic AcHA) which come in different molecule sizes and types, this particular variant’s highlighted ingredients are:

horse chestnut seed extract that is said to be beneficial for dry skin, especially to soothe the skin and protects it from dryness;

ceramide that able to protect the keratin (outermost skin layer) and acts as moisture storage, revitalizing the skin from dryness and dehydration;

snail mucin extract which helps to restore moisture deep into each and every layer of the skin.

It also claims to revitalize dry-and-dull looking skin, to help soften and smooth out the skin and provide deep and long-lasting hydration. Though supposedly this one should be a perfect product for all skin types, however this one should appeal more to dry skin users as it provides ample hydration and ability to lock the moisture deep in skin layers.

I particularly love to use black colored sheetmask as most of the times, the sheet material is way better than the common white sheet (but this aspect should varies according to brands, make sure to read through the product details). The black sheetmask also tends to adhere and fit more appropriately to the skin as well as able to hold more essence (again, differs according to brands).

The essence contained in the packet first appears to be pale yellow colored but when poured onto the palm, the color disappears. So, I regard as it has a transparent essence instead. No fragrant that can be detected.

My thoughts:

Just an average hydrating and moisturizing sheetmask for me, personally and frankly. But I like that the fact the sheet did stayed moist longer than I expected it to be. Also, it didn’t felt tacky or greasy at all after I take off the sheetmask. Definitely a good sheetmask if you are searching for something that can instantly hydrate your skin for example for mid-day sheetmasking or pre-routine before a heavy makeup.

Thank you again for reading my reviews. If you’re hooked on sheet masks, this one is definitely something that you should try at least once in your life. Grab yours in the link below ;D till we meet again in another review.



My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask (Deep Moisturizing)

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