Powder Contour Battle | Canmake Shading Powder vs Eglips Slim Fit Shading

I never realised how important contour is until I looked back at the videos I’ve done as Poki Peach. There’s this video I’ve done with Xindy (she’s also a writer here on Beauty Memo!) and my face actually looked fatter after makeup because I didn’t know the magic of contour at that timeEvidence as below.

Me (left) before makeup. Click the photo if you want to watch our syok sendiri video.
Me (left) after makeup. Click the photo if you want to watch our syok sendiri video.

Just for context, this is how my face normally looks like.

So erm yeah, you can see the difference. I’ve tried cream contour and liquid contour, but I had a bit of difficulty controlling the product so I wanted to try out powder contour. So thank you beauty gurus for making me spend more money unnecessarily by recommending Canmake Shading Powder.

Canmake Shading Powder in the shade 01 Danish Brown

And I also came across Eglips. I loved their blush so I thought, why not try their contour too?

Eglips Slim Fit Shading in the shade 02 Sand

Hand Swatch and Pigmentation

I purposely chose a darker contour colour for both brands because I’m not as fair as Koreans (unfortunately), so a darker shade will appear nicely on my skin. Comparing both brands, Canmake is obviously darker and has a warmer tone to it. Eglips is a neutral-ish tone and lighter, but I think it’s great for an everyday makeup look.

Comparing both, I think Canmake has better pigmentation compared to Eglips. But that could be due to the shade colour since both of their shades are very different.

Canmake Shading Powder in 01 Danish Brown and Eglips Slim Fit Shading in 02 Sand

How It Looks On The Face

I used Eglips on my left side of my face and Canmake on my right side to see how they both compare.

Canmake Shading Powder in 01 Danish Brown
Eglips Slim Fit Shading in 02 Sand


Canmake looks a little patchy, but that could be due to my noob technique. I personally prefer Eglips because it was easier to blend it into my face. When you compare both, you can see that Eglips looks as though it’s not on my face, but yet there’s a slight shadow there, whereas Canmake is shouting out its presence HAHA.

I give Canmake 4/5 stars and Eglips 5/5 stars for this. But both are still easy to use in my opinion. Just that Eglips is easier to control compared to Canmake.


Canmake’s shade in 01 Danish Brown looks a bit too unnaturally warm for my skin tone. I probably should have taken the lighter shade… But! I still like Canmake’s as  I can use it for a harsher contour. For Eglips’ shade in 02 Sand, there’s just something about its shade that creates that natural-looking shadow without being too overbearing.

Canmake gets a 4/5 stars in terms of colour tone, whereas Eglips’ colour is on point so definitely a 10/5 stars.


Depending on your preference, skin tone, and skills, you may like one more than the other. In my case, I like Eglips more since it’s suitable for an everyday look which I always do, it matches my skin tone better, and I’m a beginner at contour so it’s easy to use. However, I still like Canmake as it’ll be awesome to create those super dramatic makeup looks with it.


Canmake Shading Powder

Eglips Slim Fit Shading


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