REVIEW | JM Solution Water Luminous Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask

“A waterful oil-based mask builds up the moisture barrier and makes your skin moistful and glowy”

I’m officially sold, yes even with those 2-line, 1-sentence claims. Because what my skin dearly need is a product that is has a perfect combination of moisture and oil for my dry-dehydrated combination skin. 

Coming from JM Solution, one of Korea’s famous skincare brands, I’m not surprised.

The packaging:

This sheetmask variant can be bought either in single (1 pieces) or in ten (10 pieces/box) in Hermo website (link down below). Packaged in a black colored packaging with a single half-avocado, the design is very simple and minimal. The back side is full with information regarding the sheetmask itself (sorry, I don’t really understand the Korean words).

The formula:

This sheet mask contains avocado oil which is an effective treatment to combat against acne, blackheads and sensitized skin (inflammation). JM Solution claims that the user (which is me and you) only need this one sheet mask to fulfilled the oil moisturization needed by our skin which then will turn the rough, dull skin into soft and moist skin. Sounds good enough, right? 

Besides avocado oil, it also contains other beneficial extracts such as eggplant fruit extract, turmeric root extract, wheat sprout extract, rosemary leaf extract as well as sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, hydrolyzed vegetable protein etc. So many great ingredients listed that it is too much for me to mentioned all of them.

The sheet material is made up from fine fiber and supposed to feel like silk when place against the skin in order to deliver the utmost revitalizing energy to the dull skin. The sheet is also fits well in the nooks of my face, very soft and adhered well (not sliding down) even when I was sitting upright. Superb!

Another thing that I like about this sheet mask is the milky colored essence, which is a smooth oil-gel essence that can be spread gracefully and lightly onto the skin. It does feel greasy at first (take note, it is an avocado oil sheet mask) but then the greasy feeling feels superbly soft when applied to the skin. It does not make my skin suffocate from the greasiness.

The sheet mask is just drenched with the essence and somehow it holds the essence well, not too drippy nor runny. Interesting texture and consistency I would say (how lovely it would be if JM Solution can turn this sheet’s essence into a real one, perhaps and essence or serum of some sort).

It does has a little bit of fragrance, a sweet scent to it, not too empowering for my smell receptors.

And luckily, the eye and mouth hole is big enough. Because I dislike when I have to do the extra efforts to make slits to the sheet, especially for the eye part.

This sheetmask material is very nice and stretchy too (since it was made from fine fiber) hence can be pulled slightly to cover the desired part. 

My thoughts:

I’m in love with the results! Right after I pulled off the sheet mask of my face, I can see the instant glow the essence delivered to my skin. As if my dull skin is reinvigorated and rejuvenated once again. My skin also felt very nice afterwards, so soft (like a baby’s butt) and well-hydrated. I just cannot forget the chok chok feeling this sheet mask brought to my skin. Definitely one of my go-to sheet masks whenever I feel my skin is super dull and dry. You should try it too btw and can simply click the link below to purchase it!

Thank you for reading my review about this product and I hope this one too will be beneficial to your skin. Till we meet again in another article :)


JM Solution Water Luminous Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask

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