REVIEW | My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask #Extra Brightening

Hi all, I’m back with another review on sheetmask because I love to use them (affordable, easily available everywhere and convenient!).

The product I’m going to share my thoughts today is the My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask Extra Brightening variant. This line also comes with two more variants which the Deep Moisturizing variant (Purple) and Purifying variant (Turqoise).

I have a thing for black mask because the sheet material is always different from the common white colored sheet. I’ll explain further about it throughout this article. Lets go~

The packaging:

As depicted in the picture above, this variant comes in black colored sheet whereas there is a similar one but in white colored sheet mask. So, you have the option whether to go for black or white sheet mask; however I think the benefits are the same (this is only my guess ya).

There is 5 pcs of sheetmask in this box, with 25ml of essence for each pack. And personally, I think the volume of essence written on the box is okay while I can find more sheetmask that offer up to 35ml of essence – basically you can shower with the essence if you want (kidding!).

The front part of the packaging has both black and pink colors while the back part is mostly black as the background with pink and white to represent the information on the ingredients and other details of the sheetmask.

The formula:

As described in the product’s name, this sheetmask is formulated with six (6) forms of hyaluronic acid, which are Hyaluronsan HA-LQH, HA-TLM, Hyalo Oligo, Hyaloveil-P, Hyacross TL100 and Hymagic AcHA.

Why the different names you ask? That is because the hyaluronic forms mentioned above differ according to their molecule size and types (macro-molecule HA, medium molecule HA, micro-molecule HA, cationic HA and acetyl HA). The different molecule sizes and types of HA is to enable them to effectively penetrate the skin layers to properly hydrate the skin from the deep layers.

As for the Extra Brightening variant, aside from the six HAs, it also comes with Vitamin C derivatives to brighten the skin and even out the skin tone. Hence, this sheetmask is suitable for users of all skin types that seeks for something that can give healthy glow to the skin whilst revitalizing and brightening the skin at the same time.

And as the sheet is made from black fiber mask, it definitely holds the essence more effectively and surprisingly, can hold on to the skin quite well. As the fit is also okay (the eyes and mouth holes), I have no problem adjusting it to fit my face. The essence is quite transparent and runny with some weight to it (a true essence texture I’d say). No noticeable fragrance that I could detect too.

My thoughts:

I’d day this one really gave me the brightening effect that I look for although only for short time. Didn’t really show up in pictures though but I can definitely sense the tad bit brightening effect. And one time wear couldn’t really bring out the “extra brightening” claim that it mentioned, for sure. Aside from the short brightening effect to my skin, I’d say the six hyaluronic acids formulation really helped to restore hydration to my skin, so thank you My Scheming for that. No irritation experienced during the wear , which also I’m thankful for that.

Overall, this sheetmask is a brilliant hydration agent with a small help in skin brightening. I’ll definitely wear the rest of the box and look out for more exciting My Scheming products.


My Scheming Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask (Extra Brightening)

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