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I used to think it is not worth it to invest in acne patch. Even though I used to have severe acne condition but I still thought investing in acne patch is like a waste of money until I try using acne patch myself that is when I realize how important and how it doesn’t make your acne worsen by simply sticking a patch on top of the acne.

Acne patch is actually made from hydrocolloid patch and generally there are 2 types of acne patch which is “Medicated” acne patch and “Unmedicated” acne patch. Medicated acne patch means the hydrocolloid patch is formulated with antibacterial ingredient which will help in reducing and recovering process of the acne. While unmedicated acne patch is just  hydrocolloid patch with no added ingredient.

Acne patch act like absorber for the pus and excess oil from the acne so you don’t have to use your hand to pinch the acne which is sometimes it will cause your acne become more worse because of the bacteria in our hand. By sticking the patch it prevent the bacteria from spreading to the other surface of our skin.

How to use and when to use?

After washing our face and putting all of your skincare on top of the skin, at the last step simply stick the patch onto the effected area. And you are good to go. You can use the acne patch whenever you want. But there is a limit on how long you can use one acne patch. Sometimes you can stick the patch up to 12 hours depending on the acne patch brand and whether the patch already absorb the access pus or oil. If it’s already absorbed it is recommended to change to a new patch immediately so it prevent bacteria from spreading.

Usually, the acne patch brand will produce 3 types of acne patch. For Day, Night and for both Day and Night. The only things that differ them from one another is the thickness and the sizing of the hydrocolloid patch. The wider the size of the patch the more area they can cover. Usually Day Acne patch will have the most thinnest patch among all of the acne patch.  So girls can wear it under makeup and sometimes it’s not visible with our bare eyes since it is thin. For night it is a bit thick compare to day acne patch. It also differ by size. There are brand that use different sizes of hydrocolloid patch in their range but the thickness of the patch is still the same. For example OXY Day Acne Patch sizing is  0.9cm and 1.1cm but the thickness for both patch is 0.02cm ultra thin.

The other thing you need to know when using acne patch, once the patch becomes milky color which mean it has become saturated and placed over 12 hours and we need to replace the patch with a new one. Usually acne patch is formulated with sweat-proof and breathable film which is perfect for skin.

There are few cons I found when using acne patch. One of it is sometimes the ultra thin patch is hard to be taken off and sometimes it hurts my skin since I had to pull the patch really hard and and if the pimple bursts, I had to bear the pain. The other one is, sometimes there is an acne patch that is hard to stick on top of my skin maybe because of the sweat or excess skincare product that prevent the patch from sticking on top of my skin. Other than that i have no other issue from using acne patch.


There are 4 varietes of acne patch that OXY produce. Day, two Night acne patch, and Day & Night. They differ from sizing and thickness. What I like about OXY acne patch is they prepare the small tweezer so we can pick the patch without using our hands it is more hygienic that way.

For day acne patch it has 26 patches with two different sizing 0.9cm and 1.1cm but the thickness is the same which is 0.02cm super thin. For night acne patch it contains 35 pieces of patch with the size 0.8cm and the thickness for all patch is 0.03cm.

The next one night patch contain 26 patches with three different sizing 0.8cm, 1.0cm and 1.2cm with thickness of 0.03cm. For day and night acne patch OXY formulate the patch with dual function which is for day acne patch it act as protection and night patch as repairing patch. All of the patch as a thin and translucent patch close to skin colour so it not obvious we are using acne patch and prevent the acne from visible to our eyes.

Derma Angel Acne Patch

This patch is my ultimate favorite and holy grail. I had repurchase this acne patch several times. It is unmedicated acne patch  but it does it job very well in absorbing excess pus and oil. There are 3 types of acne patch Day, Night, Day & Night acne patch. Out of all acne patch i had tried this patch stick easily even on top of skincare that hasn’t dry on the skin. It is affordable and good for those who just started using acne patch.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch and Clear Fit Master Patch

I believe this is the most used acne patch and the most well known acne patch from the K-beauty line. This acne patch also had won several awards and highly raved by everyone how effective it is on acne. These acne patch formulated to absorb oil and extract impurities while creating barrier that protects against  outside irritants. The only things that differ both of the acne patch is the master clear fit acne patch is designed with ultra thin patch that provide invisible protection under makeup suitable for day time use.

If you have severe condition of acne i highly recommend to used the acne patch in order to reduce the risk of the acne to spread to the other surface your skin. Acne 0atch seem not a worth it investment in skincare but it is actually an essential especially when you have severe breakout.


Oxy Day & Night Patch

Derma Angel Acne Patch Day

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

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