REVIEW | Hatherine Deep Clean Tea Tree Peel Off Pack

I’ll start my review for this product with a small confession.

Firstly, I’m not really a big fan of peel off packs. And more, the tea tree included in the ingredients list is also not my favourite. It’s because I once experienced a nightmare when dealing with this combination (tea tree and peel off pack) hence, I’ve sworn to myself back then, not to come near products that offer one or both of them.

But for the sake of informing my article’s readers, I sacrificed my skin for you. By the way, again and again, your miles may vary for each products you decided to put on your skin and always patch test. Especially when it comes to products with active ingredients (chemical exfoliators) or allergens that your skin might be incompatible with.

So lets start !

The packaging:

Comes in a bright turqoise colored tube packaging, this peel off mask pack weighing at 170g and comes with a lot of product. It claims to help in sebum absorption while exfoliates the skin for a clean, smooth finish. Aside from tea tree, this peel off mask also contains green tea, rice grain granules, marine collagen, elastin and red bean powder in its ingredients lineup which the combination of these powerful ingredients, they help to clear the skin from dead skin, pore cleaning and unwanted sebum.

Now, on Hermo website and the packaging, the description also included the 4-in-1 claims that it can do for the skin including extreme pore cleaning and tightening, removal of blackheads and whiteheads for excellent vitalization, tight and flawless skin. As the key player of this product which is the tea tree, the Hatherine Deep Clean Tea Tree Peel Off Pack contains 2,000ppm of tea tree oil and 100ppm tea tree leaf extract (whoa that is A LOT of tea tree!).

By the way, it has a strong scent of tea tree but I’m super okay with fragrance in my skincare products.

As for the content (which I refer to “batter” onwards), this peel off pack comes in a pale greyish green batter with bits and pieces of tea tree leaves (I guess), which makes it a fun (and messy) masking session. This one does come together with its applicator (a flat and wide fan-shaped rubber applicator) which comes in handy if you don’t want your fingers to get messy while applying it. 

I called it batter because it does has that batter-y consistency to it, not like a solid paste. It does not have a totally runny texture. Nearly close to a heavy serum texture if I would say.


The pointed yet soft end of the rubber applicator did help me to evenly apply the batter to difficult areas of my face (around the nose especially) and do avoid applying around the eyes (you’ll see and know why later). Also, I suggest you to apply it thinly as possible if you want a shorter waiting time. Then, I just sit and wait for 20 minutes or so for the batter to dries up.

After the batter dries up, now comes the suffering time which the part I don’t like the most when it comes to peel off face pack – PEELING IT OFF. For your information, it tends to hurt more if you have fine hairs on your face (which I do have!). So, just peel it slowly with one hand and make sure to hold the skin with the other hand. Lets say, if the pain from the feeling intensifies, you can always take a break and calm yourself before continuing it. And voila, it’s done! For a better result, put on a refrigerated soothing sheet mask to cool off your sensitized skin.

My thoughts:

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any adverse reaction – no inflammation, redness nor itchiness during and after using this peel off pack nor towards the ingredients. Looking back at the peeled off dried batter, I can’t really tell if it did helped in removing any blackhead or whitehead but certainly, I can feel my skin becoming smoother afterwards. I rather not recommend users out there to use peel off face pack especially to those with sensitive and/or dry skin, as there are many other alternatives out there in the market to substitute for peel off face pack for sebum care. If you still want to use it, limit to once or twice only in 2 weeks (YMMV) or whenever you feel like it. Don’t use it too often as it can disturb your natural skin barrier if frequently use.

Overall, the Hatherine Deep Clean Tea Tree Peel Off Pack is a good and fun product to use, especially if you enjoy using peel off pack and having tea tree as your soothing ingredients, of course. Dry and sensitive skin people are not recommended to try this as the peeling step will probably sensitized your dry/sensitive skin. If it did, cool it off with a chilled (cooled) sheetmask afterwards.

Till we meet again in another article! Thank you for reading.


Hatherine Deep Clean Tea Tree Peel Off Pack

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