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Classic rollers have been around since forever as it’s a convenient way to apply fragrance. Sometimes, a scent or fragrance can surprise me and bring me back to the times or places that I have been. I found an interesting fact where people who lack the ability to smell tend to be more depressed. Because there is a strong connection between scent and memory, people who cannot smell will not have memories of scents which is not so good for the health of the mind.

We also use fragrance to make us feels more attractive and joyful; if you smell fresh, you will more easily mingle with the people around you. APIEU’s handy roll on perfume never really got my attention due to their inexpensive price. Sometimes cheaper perfumes makes me think the scent will not last long. But now they came out with a completely new collection that intrigued me and made me want to try.

I was pleasantly surprised when APIEU made a travel friendly sized perfume. This is a roll on perfume with a variety of choices from APIEU and one of my favourite is the Green Tea scent. This perfume has a citrusy scent and I love it because citrus always has a sweet but also freshness. This is the scent that is suitable for every gender and also formal enough to used in the office too.

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Orange
Middle notes: Green, Neroli, Rose
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Cedarwood, Vanilla

At first application you can detect the sweet, fresh and citrus notes and after a while, the musky and sweetness of vanilla will take over. Citrus is great for stress relief and vanilla is a great for a woman of confidence. The trace of  vanilla and cedarwood base notes compliments the other notes well. The powdery and woody scent made it very masculine but with a little feminine scent to linger on our skin along the day. It is a very biting to the nostrils bit will create a very pleasant experience as it remains there.


My Review

I love that this perfume is in a travel size bottle with a really affordable price. It tends to last more that an hour on my skin and I am glad because its friendly sizes made it easier for me to chuck in my purse or even my clutch. I’m always ready to go whenever I needed to. However, I am a little scared because I did notice that this perfume came with a very thin glass bottle and every time I hold it, I felt like it was too thin to bring anywhere and I do feel like it will be break if I drop it. But it is still be my preferred perfume whenever I need a pocket perfumes because it smells great and a has lot of varieties to choose from and a very affordable price. Love it!


A’Pieu My Handy Roll On Perfume


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