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When you start to repurchase the same product thousands of times, then you know you’re already in love with the product. In my skincare journey, I found it hard to find a sunscreen that suit my preference and suitable for my sensitive skin but worries no more since I finally found the sunscreen that matches my criteria in looking for the perfect daily sunscreen. For me it is important to invest in a good sunscreen since it had been in the research that sunscreen is the best skincare item to invest in when you’re getting older. So as per the title, I want to give my honest review on Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Whitening Moisture Gel. Lets begin!

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV whitening moisture gel utilizes a technology called SOLAREX-3. SOLAREX-3, a new advanced technology that provides a 3-in-1 UV defense system to help shield against sun damage, premature aging and dryness caused by UV rays. This sunscreen is formulated with five UV filters that do not break down or degrade easily under the sun to provide long-lasting protection which makes the sunscreen photostable and broad spectrum which is impeccable to be used as a daily sunscreen. 

It provides intense hydration to the skin since it blends 3 types of moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid that contributes superior moisture retention capacity for long hours of hydration that will keep the skin soft and significantly smooth. It also contains MPC moisturizing ingredient & carrot root extract that will help to improve skin elasticity. 


It comes in an opaque, light pink plastic bottle with a white screwed nozzle to quickly dispense the sunscreen out of the bottle. The capacity of the sunscreen is 80 ml, which lasts me 1-2 months with everyday usage and reapply two times a day. I usually reapply my sunscreen during lunch hours and mostly stay indoors so, reapplying two times a day is enough for me.

The tube used to dispense the sunscreen


The front packaging of the suncsreen               


The back packaging of the sunscreen


Just like most of the sunscreens out there, this sunscreen has a solid white color product with a gel-like, runny and thin consistency. It has a lightweight and non-greasy formulation which makes the sunscreen swallow faster into the skin. This sunscreen has a satin matte finish, but it is quite moisturizing for my skin. This sunscreen has a minimal to practically no white cast as well and that added another plus point because I prefer my sunscreen to have non or at least minimal white cast. For the scents part I don’t think this sunscreen have a specific smell because I try to sniff the sunscreen few times and I really didn’t smell any scent from it like any other sunscreen out there. So I conclude this sunscreen is scentless. 

The texture of the sunscreen


When the sunscreen is spread into the skin


Once the sunscreen fully absorbs into the skin


I like this sunscreen since it doesn’t infuriate my sensitive skin. It also doesn’t break me out which makes me most thankful for it since I tend to break out when using certain sunscreens. Due to this, it leads me to repurchase more and more Sunplay Skin Aqua UV whitening moisture gel because my skin loves it so much.

It is also quite moisturizing to my skin and perfect to be used before makeup since it has no white cast. With 80ml capacity, it is safe to say this sunscreen is in the affordable price range. Another reason I go for about this sunscreen is the alcohol-free formulation. It is tough to find a sunscreen with an affordable price with alcohol-free formula because most of the sunscreen out there uses alcohol to enhance the texture of the sunscreen to make it feel light, smooth and easily spread into the skin due to the alcohol’s low volatility making it evaporates quickly when in contact with the skin. Thus, it creates a lighter feeling, and that allows the sunscreen to set faster which is why alcohol is pretty common notably in sunscreen.

Overall, I have no issue on this sunscreen. my skin loves it and that is the most important thing. I highly recommend this sunscreen to everyone especially those with dry skin to try this since it is alcohol free and quite hydrating for my skin. It also contain Arbutin that help in brightening the skin but I didn’t see any significance change in my skin tone color but I don’t mind that since I use sunscreen with the purpose to get protected from the sun and prevent premature aging skin.


Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Whitening Moisture Gel SPF50 PA++


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