REVIEW | Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss [#03]

Description of product:
“Contains SPF15・PA+

emollient agents and beauty essence 92%

For your lips only – a lip color that’s unique to you

● An astonishing gloss that turns pink as it reacts with moisture
It reacts with the moisture in your lips, so the precise shade and depth of color differ from one wearer to another.

Won’t wear off when you eat
● The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.
More than 92% beautifying and emollient agents

<Illustration of the color change>

[01] Add just the right touch of gloss and complexion which makes natural lip
[02] Colorful pearl that looks cute makes shining pink lip
[03] Formulated for a richer color.”

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Japan

How to use:
Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lip gloss. Within a few minutes of applying, it turns from transparent to pink. the color becomes more vivid over time.

This Canmake lip gloss comes in a transparent plastic tube with gold lid packaging. The design printed on the tube and gold lid definitely makes the product look more luxurious than the price tag.

Of course the lip gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator, but the applicator is very pinky might due to the gloss inside. The doe-foot comes in a straight doe-foot applicator and nothing special but most of it that attracts me is their pinky doe-foot applicator. At first, I didn’t really like the shape since it felt like I had to dip it back into the tube couple more times than normal, but you can still adjust how much you want the product.

This lip gloss also tints the lips very evenly and you will get nice juice and plumpy lips. It doesn’t feel sticky and makes your lips shiny and fresh. The glossy effect stays for a long time without eating and hydrating stays on my lips all day. The texture is almost jelly-like on the lips, lightweight, and does not have a sticky texture. I would smack my lips together and it just feels like it is coated with this amazingly hydrated jelly. Smooth, not heavy, not greasy. I feel like Japanese girl now!^^

– Moisturising
– Beautiful glossy and glittery finish
– Super hydrating
– Not sticky
– Best color change lip gloss

– Nothing

Rating: 4/5

Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss [3 Types To Choose]

BUY HERE: Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss [3 Types To Choose]

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