REVIEW | 3CE Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquer (BR05 Warm Red Brown)

Did you know 3CE has nail polish and in these gorgeous colours?? I didn’t!

Photo taken from StyleNanda


And for such a great price, it was definitely something I wanted to try. I chose the Warm Red Brown, BR05.


  • 7/10
  • affordable
  • only a few colour options but on-trend tones.
  • formula is not bad, but not great.
  • pigmentation is alright.
  • brush is good, works similarly to OPI/H&M brushes


Ok so important to note: the reason I’ve been excited to write these reviews is because it’s nearly impossible to find darker skinned girls reviewing some of these Korean brands. And I get it: the products with pigment usually don’t cater to our skin tones. Even choosing this BR05 shade was a risk, in my opinion. But I decided to take pictures anyway so that at least, girls around my skin tone have something to refer to. (and P.S. I’ve almost exclusively bought nail polishes online so I rely on google images for swatches a lot! In a way, this is kinda like me trying to give back? hahahah)

HOW’S THE FORMULA: It’s not bad but it’s not my favourite. The colour payoff is quite pigmented but it’s also inconsistent, which translates as patchy. I struggled especially at the outer edges for some reason. I’m comparing to my favourite formulas from OPI and H&M.

HOW’S THE COLOUR ON YOUR SKIN TONE: At first I thought it didn’t suit my skin tone but on my second try, I must say it’s grown on me actually. Which is good, coz I really wanted to like it!

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT: Yes, but hear me out first – I’m recommending it based on the fact that I don’t like paying RM59 for OPI, but I like OPI’s formula and brush. I also like H&M’s formula and brush. But I haven’t really seen these colours in H&M recently, and I like that these 3CE ones were only RM20 each (when I bought them during a sale).

WILL I BE BUYING THE OTHER COLOURS: I think I might try the PK23 Calm Yellow Pink next. I really hope it’ll suit my skin tone.



3CE Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquer


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