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I remember my first trip to Japan, my mum raved about Kao MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask so much that she bought several boxes of the lavender one home. I was never a fan of eye masks, I did try the lavender one but I didn’t get the hype as I didn’t like the lavender scent. I also have a thing for not liking things placed on my eyes. I never got used to people applying makeup on my eyes as I find all that friction and poking extremely uncomfortable 😂

Despite that, I wanted to give Kao MegRhythm’s Limited Edition Steam Eye Mask Daruma a try because it looked too cute that I couldn’t resist! Kao MegRhythm is known for their innovative self warming steam eye mask relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes! Treat your tired eyes to a steam bath of 40℃, soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state in just 10 minutes. It helps recharge and brighten your eyes as the comfortable steam produced from the heat moistens and soothes tired eyes.



My review:

I was instantly attracted to the cute visuals on the box with a cute version of the daruma doll and a lucky cat. A notable thing I really love Japanese products is they pay close attention to the packaging and always ensure that it is user friendly. The box had a finger slot to push down so you could open the box nicely and mess free.




The eye masks come in 5 individual packs per box. Only open it if you want to use it because the heat kicks in within seconds after opening! I was so surprised and had to rush my photo taking session because I didn’t want to waste my eye steaming time. The daruma doll and lucky cat print is not just on the box but on the eye mask itself which is super cute! One thing to note is that the eye mask does resemble a sanitary pad 😂


This eye mask is unscented which I really liked as I do feel discomfort if there’s fragrance too close to my eyes. The eye mask fit is also very comfortable and doesn’t sit too tightly on my face. The steaming sensation lasted for almost 20 minutes and I wish it was longer as I couldn’t get enough of it! 😂 I tested it during my mid day nap break and it was one of the nicest naps I had in a while. I’ve been quite stressed out from work lately and have been going through some anxiety especially before sleeping, so I really did appreciate that Kao MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask was able to calm me and give me the relaxing sleep I needed.


I didn’t think I was an eye mask person as I never liked using normal fabric eye masks to sleep before this. However, Kao MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask did change my perspective and I actually quite like this eye mask in particular now. The only thing I hope for is the steaming effect to be longer as it’s just too relaxing that I can’t get enough! 😂


Rating: 5 / 5 🌟





[Limited Edition] Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask Daruma 5pcs [#Unscented]


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