REVIEW | Canmake Silky Soufflé Eyes

I think if I mentioned about soufflé, images of fluffy and soft silky texture that immediately melts crossed your mind. Same goes with this concept where the eyeshadow will melt smoothly on your lids and let your eyes shine and sparkle throughout the day.

Canmake snatched my attention again when they released a quadruplet eyeshadow palette. Canmake Silky Soufflé Eyes has four different shades in one palette and they had four types to choose according to your mood! I really can’t wait to explore this babies because of the name itself that makes me tempted to give a shot! Also, I am a picky consumer when it comes to eyeshadow. All I could consider for eyeshadow is their pigmentation. So, let’s go deeper into these babies; whether it matches to their name!



Canmake Silky Soufflé Eyes comes in two different vibes which are 01 Noble Beige and 02 Rose Sepia has cool undertone of brown and pink respectively. As for 03 Leopard Bronze and 04  Sunset Date remarks as warm undertone of brown and pink respectively. Although you may see it almost the same, but if you have a sharp eye, you could differentiate it both.

I was shocked to hear that this eyeshadow contained glow oil to enhance sheen, for a lustrous texture that seems to melt into your skin like silk! It has pigmented, high-color, clear finish that enhances the translucent sheen. Also, it has a very lightweight texture that does not feel heavy or caked-on even when applying additional layers which enabling you to create beautiful color gradations. Extra marks, it contains fine-textured pearl for a sophisticated finish.



I must say that their packaging looks cheap and sound easy to break. But, this palette had drop few times and the pigments didn’t budge at all. Thank god that the only thing that looks cheap was the packaging. This time, the Canmake Silky Soufflé Eyes did not come with a mirror but still had an applicator packed together. Although the smudge applicator is very tiny but still useful if you are in hurry.



I am swatching all of the shades in the palettes. I love to use finger more because it picks up the pigment better than using brushes.

01 Noble Beige

02 Rose Sepia

03 Leopard Bronze

04  Sunset Date



Although the packaging kinda disappointing, but I really love their pigmentation. When it says that it has a soft silky texture like a souffle, they really meant it. I only swiped it for few times and it picked up the pigments very well. Even I smudged it using finger, still it is blendable and looking high pigmentation.

However, I managed to give a try for their long lasting. Too bad it cracked after few hours and slowly fading. Whereas I need to add on top of it to cover the crack but of course, I don’t really have time for that. If you are planning on a few hours date, or maybe going out for few hours, this Canmake Silky Soufflé Eyes would be great for good to go. Not having too much expectation but also not too disappointing. Hence, I am giving seven out of ten.



Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes



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