Get Rid of your blemishes with By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch | Review

Surely you have used pimple patches before, right?

What? Never had pimples?! Can’t relate 🥺😭

I probably used hundreds of pimple patches, it is one of my favourite treatments for acne. I’ve tested many pimples patches from a few brands like Mia care, Some by mi and many more. My first pimple patch that I tried was from Corsx; both Acne Pimple and Clear Fit Master Patch. But I prefer the latter as they are thinner. The best I’ve tried so far was from Somebymi, it ticked all the boxes for me; it’s flat-thin, absorbs the pus really well, sticks tightly on the skin, water-proof, and even look quite decent under makeup too!

BUT my hunt for other good pimple patches doesn’t end there. So here I am sharing with you ANOTHER brand that I love as well. It is from By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch! Let’s read why you should give them a try 😉


This hydrocolloid acne patch protects the skin against dirty water, dust and physical contact. The thin, breathable fabric quickly absorbs impurities while naturally covering problem areas. Irritation-free spot care for breakouts and pimples

Ingredients Breakdown

Hydrocolloid Sheet 9 100%

  • HYDROCOLLOID is a moisture-absorbing dressing that’s also commonly used to help heal chronic wounds, as pimple patches it meant to ‘dry’ out liquid from pus-filled zits naturally

How to use

  1. Clean and dry the problem spot before use.
  2. Select the right patch for individual problem spots.
  3. Gently press the adhesive side of the patch over the problem spot to cover it completely.

Product Breakdown


Packed in a metallic blueish dark-turquoise colored ziplock packaging. Contains 36 Patches in 2 sizes (12mm X 2 Sheets + 14mm 1 Sheet)

Left: 12mm | Right: 14mm

Thin soft and breathable dressing. Feels almost flat on the skin which I find it comfortable


No scent detected

  • Recommended for

Targeted for those with acne-prone skin, to protect troubled-skin from being exposed to external bacteria which can further worsen the infection

  • My skin type

Dehydrated-combination, oilier on nose and cheek area. Prone to redness and mild acne.


Okay before I start, let me explain a bit more about pimple patches in case some of us isn’t familiar with it. There are two types of pimple patches; Medicated and non-medicated. They’re made with zit-drying hydrocolloid, a type of wound dressing that draws out bad fluids while retaining a moist environment for the skin to heal itself. Additionally, medicated pimple patches have additional acne-fighting ingredients like tea tree, cica, niacinamide etc

In my experience, pimple patches work effectively on visible-on-the-skin acne like pus-filled pimples, whitehead and blackheads, but they aren’t really effective for under-the-skin cystic acne. For cystic acne, uses of chemical exfoliant like AHA and BHA, also with soothing products like Centella and Tea tree works better for my skin. However, it is also a good idea to put a pimple patch on cystic acne to protect from touching those irritated blemish directly with your fingers. This is because you might exacerbate them with external bacteria from dirty fingers and prolong the healing process 🙅‍♀️

Before putting on the Shield patch
Gently press to set the Shield patch

As you can see from the Before picture and I have a big juicy pus-filled pimple ready to be suck dry by Wishtrend’s Shield Patch. Always clean and dry your skin first before putting on any pimple patches. Take the sheet and measure which size suit your blemish

 To pick up the patch, you just have to tear the plastic along the line and lift them up with a tweezer or using clean fingers. Position it centre with the blemish and then stick it, press gently and smooth out any bubbles if needed

What do you think? Pretty much invisible right?! Now just leave it alone for 5-8 hours or until the patch turns from clear to white. So I tried to shower with the patch on but it fell off! 😫 I didn’t noticed until I got out of the shower. It looks like the Shield patch pretty much sucked the pus out because there was no white pus left. However it left an open small wound where the pus should be so I put on another Shield patch to protect the wound and let my skin heal itself.  So here we can conclude that it’s not water-proof but then Wishtrend didn’t claim it either. Just a heads up for you guys in case you’re a forgetful person like I am 😂

After a good few hours, this is what I meant went the patch turns white as it sucks the remaining pus left. Be careful and gentle when you want to take off the patch because this one sticks pretty strong and left a slightly red mark on my skin 😅 So here’s the look of the wound, completely closed and flat. Proceed with soothing and reparing products to avoid PIE if your skin is prone to redness like me!


Overall, I find Wishtrend’s Sheild patches works effectively when used on freshly popped pimples. It’s just a wee bit expensive compare to other brands; let say compare to cult fav Corsrx. BUT comparing to performance-wise, it won’t budge once set and sucks out pus better IMO. Do check out these patches as they can help treat your zits, calm inflammation, speed up healing and prevent scarring. I think it is a good way to ‘stop-touching-your-face’ habits especially if you’re having a hard time to stop picking on zits like me 👉👈

  • Tips
  • Put it on after acne extraction to allow your skin to heal and prevent scabs and scars from showing up.
  • Advise to put the patch on before skincare or makeup products. The patch stays on the skin longer.



P/s: This product is bought with my own money. All opinions and thoughts are based by my experience and solely mine. 


By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch 36patch

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