REVIEW | Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek #03 Dollish Rose

Description of product:
“Easily layer and build up the colour with subtle application, suitable even for beginners! Each shade’s matching-coloured pearls creates a healthy flush. Contains rosehip oil and glacial milk forms a hydrating formula and soft texture.”

Amount of product:

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Shades available:
6 shades

How to use:
Roll the brush into the heart zone 4-5 times with one touch and spread it naturally. If you want rich color expression, layering several times thinly.

Product packaging:
To be honest, the packaging is the reason why I bought this. Packaging for this Luv beam cheek blusher comes in small size and super unique Hologram packaging. Inside, there’s also a heart pressed onto the powder and a small mirror inside as well. The top of the lid has the product name, while the bottom has the usual information you’d find.

Color/ Pigmentation:
My usual blush is always pink and coral and this one has that pink shades with gold shimmer in it. These shades are quite pigmented and effortless when it comes to showing up on the skin.
It gives the skin a nice natural-looking flush, a flush you’d get if you were to stay out in the cold for a long period of time. This blush also gives the skin a really nice glow with the super fine gold shimmer that it leaves the skin. It’s got that soft pinky coral element to it with the hint of golden shimmers. You almost don’t have to use highlighter if you use this blush. If you love everyday and natural blush, I will recommend you to try these shades.

All in all, I like this blush. If you guys are in the market for a pigmented and silky blusher, I’d highly recommend you guys check this one too.

Lasting power:
Average lasting power is about 6 hours before fading

It smells like a rose, also almost like baby powder scent. Luckily the scent is not strong at all unless you put your nose near the blush

– Silky finish
– Nice subtle glow
– Nice as an everyday blush
– Pigmented

– Easy to break

Rating: 4/5

Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek 3.4g [6 Types To Choose]

BUY HERE: Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek 3.4g [6 Types To Choose] 

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