REVIEW | 3CE Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer


  • 8/10 for fairer skin.
  • The concept works. The formula and brush is easy.
  • Would recommend it to fairer skin toned friends.
  • Use a good top coat.

I was excited to see that 3CE has some affordable nail polishes. Although right off the bat, I really wish Korean products would cater to a wider skin tone range already, given their current global popularity. Anybody with me on this?  Come on, Korean companies, get on board the tan train!

This nail polish is quite interesting. It’s supposed to be an easy way to get gradient nails.

Photo from What they intended it to look like.

I chose the Rolling Rose shade thinking it might be more likely to suit my skin tone, out of the other options.

Surprisingly, the nail polish arrived from Korea to my home in PJ within 5 working days. I didn’t expect such a fast delivery and had just cut my nails extra short so I used my sister as a hand model since I felt this nail polish needed slightly longer nails to be done justice.

HOW TO USE: It’s simple. Paint the lighter shade on first. It’s almost transparent.

Wait a minute for it to dry. Then paint the darker shade but only the outer half of your nails.

Technically, this is where you’re supposed to paint the lighter shade over the whole nail again for the gradient effect. But I felt it wasn’t obvious enough yet, so I added 2 more coats of the darker polish at the very edges of her nails.

Then I painted over the whole nail with the lighter shade. And added a top coat.

Here’s how it looked on my sister’s (approx. NC35) skin tone in a few different lightings.

I actually do like how it turned out. The brush was easy to apply and the formula is suitable for the layering. My main concern was the drying time between layers but it wasn’t bad – by the time I was done with the tenth nail, I would almost immediately start on the first nail again. The key is to keep the layers thin.

Overall, if I was a fairer skin tone, I would use this often. And use a good quality fast drying top coat (I recommend Seche Vite)


3CE Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer [5 Types To Choose]

3CE Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer

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