Box Dye Blonde? Featuring L’Oreal’s Excellence Fashion Hair Colour

I’ve been wanting to dye my hair ever since cutting it short because box dye often only barely accommodates my super thick hair when I had longer hair. This time I wanted to achieve a korean style light brown hair colour and decided to try L’Oreal’s Excellence Fashion Hair Colour in Golden Beige Blonde. I was quite curious to try this dye because I wondered how light could my hair go without bleach. I bleached my hair years ago and it ended up feeling like fake grass which I never went back for a while.

L’Oreal’s Excellence Fashion Hair Colour gives you the hottest gold trend with no bleaching required. It has Triple Care Technology which helps protect the hair, making it smoother, shinier, and more vibrant after coloring.



How to use:

  1. Protect – Apply pre-serum on unwashed hair to protect hair from damage.
  2. Mix & Colour – Pour the whole tube into the bottle, shake to mix and replace bottle tip with comb and apply on hair. Let it develop on hair for 30 minutes, give it an extra 10 minutes for better brightening effects.
  3. Condition – Rinse hair completely with water. Apply conditioning balm on hair. Leave for 2 minutes then rinse.



My review:

Just like every other box dye, the steps were labeled on the product itself which was clear and easy. There was even a pair of gloves provided. Some hair dyes don’t provide gloves so that was a good addition! I applied the pre-serum all over my 2 day old unwashed hair. I remember someone telling me it was better to dye hair when it hasn’t been washed because the natural oils protect the hair from getting further damaged. The pre-serum smelled delightful and the amount was just enough for my hair.

I then proceeded to mix the dye and the developer, shook it and replaced the nozzle with the comb one. It was my first time dyeing my own hair so the comb was just not easy to control, at least for me. I ended up squeezing the dye on my gloved hands and applying & combing with a normal comb for better evenness. Applying the front parts of my hair was the worst because the chemical smell was extremely strong which made my eyes watery. It wasn’t horrible, but it was like strong chemicals mixed with strong fragrances that made it very pungent.

Though I could smell the chemicals, there was no burning sensation on my scalp at all. It took me slightly under an hour to finish applying everything. I wanted to be really thorough and the dye amount was perfect for my hair length and thickness (my hair is really thick!). Used a plastic bag (I ran out of disposable shower caps 😂) to create a heat retention to hopefully get a lighter finish.

I left it on for 40 minutes because I wanted to achieve a lighter shade. Rinsing off took a while as the residue was very soapy and smooth. After all the soapyness was rinsed off, I shampooed my hair which became slightly dry. The treatment given was really effective in softening my hair. I only needed a small amount and kept the rest for another 3 to 4 times use. My hair became really smooth after the treatment and it’s not something you’d expect your hair to feel like especially after dyeing it.

Before (left) vs After (right): Notice uneven hair colour previously and even & lightened hair in after shot


Overall, I’m really satisfied with the outcome of my first time dying my own hair! I’m really surprised my hair turned out evenly dyed and the lightest shade from the swatch. Despite the strong chemical smell, I still would repurchase this because it made my hair feel undamaged while achieving the light shade I wanted. Not blonde like the model on the box, but still quite good.


Rating: 4.5 / 5 🌟


Achieved the lightest shade on the swatch. Appreciate the accuracy of this!



L'Oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Colour - Fashion 9.13 Golden Beige Blonde

L’Oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Colour – Fashion 9.13 Golden Beige Blonde


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