Lilybyred 9AM to 9PM Survival Penliner & Skinny Mes Brow Pencil Review

I recently reviewed the Lilybyred Bloody Liar Coating Tint & Mood Liar Velvet Tint so I’ve come back with another review from Lilybyred – this time their famous Skinny Mes Brow Pencil and the AM9 to PM9 Survival Penliner!

Lilybyred Skinny Mes Brow Pencil #02 Medium Brown

First off, let’s talk about the brow pencil.

The Lilybyred Skinny Mes Brow Pencil is a super slim 1.5mm lead pencil that gives a defined, natural brow! It comes in 2 colors, 02 Medium Brown and 03 Dark Brown. I’ll be reviewing the 02 Medium Brown.


The Lilybyred Skinny Mes Brow Pencil claims to be…

  • An ultra-slim lead of 1.5mm thin to draw defined and delicate eyebrows like a pro
  • Natural hard formula that applies naturally on bare skin and doesn’t cake while re-applying
  • Long-lasting effect as it controls oil around the eyebrows for long wear


The brow pencil comes in a very sleek thin and minimalistic design.

As you can see, the eyebrow pencil is really thin and it is only 1.5mm. On one end of the pencil is a spoolie and the other is the brow pencil. The cap also clips on and off easily without much hassle.

Let’s test it out on my eyebrows!

As you can see, the eyebrow pencil glides on very smoothly. No harsh streaks, no tugging of my skin. All smooth and seamless! The color is also very natural and not too black/brown/dark. I prefer to keep my eyebrows more natural and light as I get older because having “defined, arched, carved brows” that most western women do usually only complement heavier makeup styles…. while I’m slowly transitioning to very minimal makeup because I prioritize skincare more nowadays, and well quarantine (haha).

All in all, this is definitely one of the best eyebrow pencils I’ve tried. Glides on like butter, smooth, natural, and the 1.5mm thin pencil really helps give me slightly arched brows.

Lilybyred AM9 to PM9 Survival Penliner #01 Black

Now moving on to the eyeliner.

The Lilybyred AM9 to PM9 Survival Penliner is a 0.1mm super thin eyeliner that comes in a few colors. I’ll be reviewing the 01 Matte Black color.


The Lilybyred AM9 to PM9 Survival Penliner claims to be…

  • 0.1mm flexible brush tip to create thin, precise to thick, dramatic lines
  • smudge-proof formula
  • water-resistant formula
  • long-wearing


It comes in a really cute and minimalistic light pink packaging.

As it claims, the 0.1mm flexible brush tip really allows for super thin lines. Now let’s try it out on my eyes.

As you can see in the GIF, the cap clicks on and off easily with one hand. While the brush tip is really flexible and draws easily without any harsh tugging on the skin. The pigment is black and very pigmented as well. It draws easily on my eyes and I find that it really is smudge-resistant, waterproof, and long-wearing. Definitely one of my favorite eyeliners!

If you have Asian double eyelids similar to mine, thin eyeliners are your best friend as it helps to elongate your eyes. This does the job perfectly well! All in all, I definitely recommend the eyeliner.

Get it here!

Lilybyred Skinny Mes Brow Pencil [2 Types To Choose]

Lilybyred AM9 To PM9 Survival Penliner [2 Types To Choose]




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