REVIEW | Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation

It’s been a while since I first posted my review on Etude House’s double lasting foundation here. When I review the product, I honestly really did like the foundation and glad to let you know that I’ve used up the foundation already! Although the foundation is a bit dry now, they have serum ones so I think the problem is solved here. Again, the foundation has many shades to choose from but I ended up with sand shades. With all that being said, let’s get into it!

Description of product:
“24hr long lasting shimmering glow!
Double glow technology is applied so it can keep your skin glow like you have a good night’s sleep

Healthy and glowy skin texture! 61%, skin care moist serum
Ceramide, hyaluronic acid and panthenol are contained as moist serum. Plus 61% moisture contained ingredients support your skin’s healthiness

Adhesive fit! Perfect cover!
Airy moisture fit technology makes your make-up base more light and adhesive with only one touch! Makes your skin flawless with serum foundation~”

SPF 25 PA++

Amount of product:
30 g

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

How to use:
1. Lightly shake the container up and down before use.
2. Take an appropriate amount of foundation and gently apply it to the face in the direction of skin texture.
3. Use a dedicated brush or a puff to increase the adherence of foundation to the skin.

The foundation comes in a sturdy glass bottle just like the original but this one comes in regular glossy glass bottles. The main difference is the cap where this one is in rose gold and you just need to pop it off and inside there is the pump. The pump is working fine and I don’t have any problem with it. What you only need to remember is when having a pump foundation you should have a little better control.

Color/ Pigmentation:
The swatches online look quite dark which I always ended up buying Ivory mostly but in real life when I do swatches, the color isn’t that dark. N05 Sand is a natural yellow-toned which suits my skin tone. The thing that I believe for myself is when choosing foundation color is you have to be confident enough to choose and to wear it. People will not comment on it if you are confident.

The coverage of this serum foundation is not that much like the original which has better coverage. I am guessing that the formula has changed because they are more focused on moisturizing properties with extra hydration instead of coverage. I would say the coverage is medium and for those who prefer a light foundation with less coverage this one is for you. I used 2 pumps of this and the finish is still medium coverage so you might need concealer after that. The finish is very natural and it didn’t really move too much. It does have a bit of glowing show on the skin. Also, it did not cover the redness/dark spot/pimples, so concealer is a must. It stayed on my skin well for almost 6 hours. For those who are looking for light to medium coverage foundation that has more than 3 shades, then I really recommend this one for you.

– Natural-looking finish
– Hydrating formula
– Different shades to choose from
– Comfortable on the skin
– Amazing adherence to the skin

– Not buildable formula

Rating: 3.5/5


Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation 30g [10 Types To Choose]

 Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation

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