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I accidentally discovered this Korean skincare brand on Hermo’s Sale tab a few months ago and decided to check out some of their products. Although their Blue Therapy Anti-Redness range supposedly targeted users with sensitive skin type, I believe that dry skin people like me also appreciate the specially curated products for sensitive skin (sorry peeps, good things gotta be shared). And it will be a total lie if I said I wasn’t intrigued with the blue-colored phase of the Blue Cicazulen Essential layer when I first open the box. Lets see how my skin spare the Normal No More Blue Therapy Anti-Redness Facial Mist~

The packaging
The mist came in a semi-frosty, translucent like cylindrical plastic spray bottle, with a weird volume choice of 107ml but do come in handy sometimes for its travel-friendly packaging size. And not to mention they used soy ink instead of normal ink to print all the text contained on the box, isn’t that amazing?

The formulation
The Blue Therapy Anti-Redness Mist is formulated with the 9:1 perfect ratio between the Blue Cicazulen Essential layer and Soothing Water Layer for best absorption into the skin. The Double Soothing Synergy from the above combination will ensure to soothe inflamed skin.

As mentioned in the diagram, this toner-mist could be used anytime, even when skin is in normal condition or when your skin felt dry. It also could be use as before and/or after makeup (as a fixing mist, I guess).

By looking at the ingredients list alone, I could spot a few (or a lot of) soothing ingredients included in the formulation, including madecassoside, asiaticoside, madecassic acid, asiatic acid, centella asiatica leaf extract, turmeric root extract, aloe vera extract to name a few (refer ingredients list picture below).

Highlighted claims
– 3 types of blue herb ingredients (rosemary, lavender and sage) to aid skin de-stressing and strengthen skin barrier
CICA 4X: titrated extract of centella asiatica (madecassoside, asiaticoside, madecassic acid, asiatic acid)
Tanacetum annuum azulene
– Free from 11 harmful skin allergens

My thoughts
Now, lets talk about how they able to make the mist come out SO FINE, I can barely feel it on my face when I sprayed it (yes, it is literally a mist!). It is so fine-sized that it landed on my facial hair instead of straight to my skin lol (I did spread it to my whole face using my fingers). For that, it makes me want to spray double or triple because I was so accustomed to feeling mist droplets dripping down my face, which whatever that I wore that time should be called as a facial spray, not a mist.

As for the soothing claims, I can’t really tell much about it since my skin was behaving so great lately (okay, don’t jinx it) that I even begin to question whether it is a dream or a reality. Anyway, the mist did its job magnificently and I somehow liked how it turned out on my skin. By saying that, I am talking about the finishing effect it gave to my skin when I use it.

Instead of a glowing or dewy finish, it made my skin looks and feels like a real skin. Doesn’t felt sticky or greasy though the Cicazulen Essential layer do look like an oil layer to my naked eye. In my perception, it helps to control the amount of sebum produced or something along those lines. Hence, I would recommend it to be wore during AM routine as it did provide minimal hydration and quick absorption to ease next product application.

However, I did experience some mild prickling itching when I layered it with a few other toners, in which I assumed to be caused by the other toners, not the facial mist. Therefore, I’m still working my way through it and experimenting to find the perfect toner concoction for my skin.

You can try out this facial mist by shopping using the link below.


Normal No More Blue Therapy Anti-Redness Facial Mist

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