Beauty Tip | I Tried A TikTok Lip Hack to See If It Works

I hate lip balms. I’ve always felt they aren’t worth the money and even though I always have chapped lips, I hadn’t bothered to find a solution. But like many of us this year, I’ve been watching a lot of #skintok (skin care talk on TikTok), especially by the dermatologists. And I’ve definitely learnt quite a few new things! Recently I heard a dermatologist talk about lip balm and how some people feel their lips get drier after using balms or that there’s an addictive factor that makes you keep wanting to put on more.

Omg ME!

He goes on to explain that Vaseline (or petrolatum) is actually a barrier to trap moisture in, it doesn’t actually do the hydrating.

So he suggested that if you’re in the category of feeling like lip balms don’t work, try applying a thin layer of moisturizer first then layering a thin layer of Vaseline over it. This would seal the moisturizer in, giving the Vaseline something to work with, per se.

Makes total sense, how did I never think of this.

So I tried this method and I could actually immediately tell the difference! GAME CHANGER. Now all I need to do is to choose the best basic fragrance-free moisturizer without random ingredients since, after all, this is right on my mouth and I don’t wanna eat it.

Oh and if you’re wondering like I did, there’s actually surprisingly been no issue with tasting the moisturizer so far. I guess since it’s such a tiny amount (literally just a teeny tiny dot) and it’s covered immediately with Vaseline, it doesn’t really bother me.

Tiny dot of moisturizer. This is just to provide some moisture to the lips before sealing it in with the Vaseline.
How cute is this tiny jar of Vaseline! Dermatologists generally agree that regular Vaseline is the way to go; it’s the best basic and is even used in hospitals.
My usually chapped lips looking a lot more presentable with just one round of moisturizer and Vaseline, yay!


Disclaimer: Always research on your own when experimenting, as this is the internet and anyone can say anything they want. Look for trusted sources. The information above is purely from my own experience and research, but I am not an expert in skincare.


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Vaseline Original 100% Pure Repairing Jelly 100ml



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