REVIEW | Canmake Secret Beauty Base

Description of product:
“Cares for your skin whilst covering imperfections

Leave it on while you sleep
(*If using it as a night cream)

Containsa about 80% of beautifying ingredients
Use it at any time of day or night
● Use it in the day as a base under your usual make-up or as a night cream before bed!

If using it as a night cream, you don’t need to wash it off before going to sleep.
(*If you use this product as a make-up base and apply foundation or other make-up over it, please remove it with cleanser or facial wash.)

Keeps skin dewy on the inside and silky-smooth on the surface
● Two kinds of ultra-fine pearl particles brighten your complexion and add definition to your face.
● Spherical powder creates a soft-focus effect to conceal uneven color and pores.
→ Together, these two effects create the impression of beautifully translucent bare skin, without looking artificial ♥
Plumping formula devised with an emphasis on skincare
● Skincare-focused formulation contains 5 moisturizing agents and 2 emollient agents to plump skin.
● Cream formula spreads as easily as a conventional face cream.
● Designed with your skin in mind, with 80% beauty ingredients.
● Free from fragrance, mineral oil, ethanol, tar-based pigments, and UV absorbers.”

Amount of product:

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Japan

How to use:
After preparing your skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount with your fingertips and spread out uniformly from the center of the face.

As a face cream at night, even if you go to bed with it.

Packaging for Canmake products is always sleek, sophisticated and cute. This beauty base comes in a squeeze bottle with a screw on cap. Nothing much to the packaging.

Texture/ Finish:
The texture of this beauty base feels very lightweight and it leaves my skin slightly moisturized, leaves a slight pearlescent glow and the feeling almost feels like wearing a foundation. It also gives the skin a bit of brightening and stays nicely on the skin without being too oily or matte, in between. However, for oily skin, you might find this beauty base is quite oily on your skin. You can use this alone or as a base before applying the foundation. I did not use it at night since I prefer using my own night product routine.

Lasting power:
It makes the foundation stay longer and I don’t have a problem with the base interfering with my primer which is a good sign. Sometimes if you use too thick of a primer or moisturizer, your foundation will be messed up.

– Hydrating enough as a makeup base
– Slightly glow and shiny finish
– Gives a bit of brightening
– Travel friendly
– Cute packaging

– Too small

Rating: 3.5/5

Canmake Secret Beauty Base 15g

BUY HERE: Canmake Secret Beauty Base 15g

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