REVIEW | Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Shampoo

Hi, beauties! Are you stressed because of your damaged hair? Yes! I feel you, girls! No more worries because today I’m going to share with […]

REVIEW | Lilybyred Bloody Liar Coating Tint

Hi everyone! Lately, I’ve been really enjoying testing out more lip products from the high brand to the drugstore brands, especially lip tints with glossy […]

REVIEW | Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Luminous Moist Mask

What it is: “Senka’s Perfect Aqua Rich Luminous Moist Mask is infused with rich moisturizing essence and Pearl Essence to improve skin regeneration for healthier, […]

REVIEW | Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask #Lavender

What it is: “An innovative self warming steam eye mask relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes! Treat your tired eyes to a steam bath (40℃), […]

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