REVIEW | Dr Morita Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Facial Mask

Back on another episode of me reviewing sheet masks! I reviewed so many masks, I should make a hashtag for every sheet masks I review. […]

REVIEW | Normal No More Blue Therapy Anti-Redness Mist

I accidentally discovered this Korean skincare brand on Hermo’s Sale tab a few months ago and decided to check out some of their products. Although […]

REVIEW | Nivea Oil-in-Lotion Rose & Argan Oil

Aside from pampering your face with extensive 10 steps routine and daily sheet masks, one must not forget other areas that also need some tender, […]

REVIEW | Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner AHA 5%

Jumiso was once known by the name Hello Skin before they rebranded, but that doesn’t change the fact that they did produced some of the […]

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