Affordable Travel-Friendly Cleansing Tissue from Innisfree

Do you do the double cleansing method in your skincare routine?   If you do, you probably know that there is a few options for […]

REVIEW | A’Pieu My Handy Roll On Perfume #Green Tea

I personally think perfume or fragrance plays a vital role in influencing my mood of the day. A sweet scent would uplift my mood and […]

REVIEW | A’Pieu Cerabutter Hand Cream #Mango Butter

I used to hate using a hand cream for it’s sticky and tacky feel on my hands, which often made me uncomfortable. However, with the […]

REVIEW | My Favourite Cleansing Oil from Biore

I believe the brand Biore is a brand that everyone knows for its affordable products and easily accessibility at our local retailers or shops. So […]

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