Benton Masks: Team snail bee or Team aloe soothing?

Benton is a k beauty brand that is no stranger to me as I’ve written 3, coming to 4 (read them here, here & here) […]

REVIEW | Kao MegRhythm Limited Edition Steam Eye Mask Daruma

I remember my first trip to Japan, my mum raved about Kao MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask so much that she bought several boxes of the […]

REVIEW | Nivea Purify Rice Face Scrub Bio Aloe Vera

I’m team carbs all the way and rice is my all-time favourite carb. I love the smell of it, its texture when I’m washing the […]

The secret to my glowy skin | Biotherm’s Life Plankton Essence

If I had to choose between skin care or makeup, I’d definitely lean towards skin care because I believe that once you’ve achieved great complexion, […]

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