The battle of the MLBB Lippies | 3CE, NYX & Innisfree

If you’re new to the term MLBB it’s the abbreviation of “My Lips But Better”, which are lip colours that enhance the natural lip colour […]

My All-Time Fave | MIRAE Ex8 Minutes Instant Mask

If you haven’t already noticed from my past reviews, I really, really love masking. I even have a basket dedicated to store my sheet masks […]

REVIEW | NYX Professional Makeup Dewy Finish Setting Spray

Whenever I pass by the stores of NYX Professional Makeup, other than their lipsticks, I always see their setting spray being heavily promoted on their […]

REVIEW | Faith In Face Jelly Sheet Mask #Cica, Hydra & Vita

Faith in Face is known for their hydrogel masks made from a gel texture as an alternative to cotton sheet masks. Though I’ve never tried […]

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