3 Cosrx Acne Patch Types | What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been on Hermo at any given time, I’m sure you’ve come across the Cosrx acne patches at some point, eh? But there are […]

Beauty Tip | I Tried A TikTok Lip Hack to See If It Works

I hate lip balms. I’ve always felt they aren’t worth the money and even though I always have chapped lips, I hadn’t bothered to find […]

AHA vs BHA: Which Exfoliant to Choose??

What even is AHA/BHA? They’re chemical exfoliants. Meaning, ingredients that exfoliate your skin chemically, rather than physical exfoliants like a face scrub or cleansing brush. […]

How To | 4 Simple Makeup Tips for Darker Skin Tones

Although makeup companies have greatly improved on including tanned skin tones into the product lines, I found that information on what works best on darker […]

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