REVIEW | Dove Go Fresh Lavender Relaxing Hydration Body Wash

Looking for an affordable gentle, moisturising and relaxing body wash to guarantee you a good night’s sleep? Then this just might be for you! Formulated […]

REVIEW | All Time Fav: NRK Naruko Bunga Raya Snow White Ice Cooling Mask

If I had to recommend a soothing, hydrating mask for all skin types (especially sensitive skin) it would be this baby. From my early days […]

REVIEW | Innisfree Green Tea My Real Squeeze Mask

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, green tea has undoubtedly been a staple ingredient boasted in many skincare products. The most famous being the iconic product […]

REVIEW | B&B Labs CustoMask #H1 Nano Resonance + Myo:Lift Honey

Powered by E-COLOGY PLUS+, an advanced blend of prebiotic ingredients, B&B Labs aim to provide a fast and convenient solution to heal and rejuvenate the […]

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