Purito Comfy Water Sun Block SPF50+ PA++++ Review

“Purito” is a combination of the words “purify” and “土” (a Chinese character that means soil), to signify the meaning of safe and purified natural […]

Tired Eyes? Try these Eye Patches!

The image of people putting slices of cucumbers on their eyes and masking isn’t new to us, right? It’s an image etched into each one […]

Review | LuLuLun Daily Use ‘Toner’ Mask

Have you heard of the brand Lululun? It’s a very popular in Japan, with more than 1 Billion sheets masks sold over there! I have […]

Review | Heimish Refresh Water

If you’re wondering what this is, and your mind is going “Refresh Water? What’s that and how do I use it?” Well, this refresh water […]

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