REVIEW | LuLuLun Face Mask 7s [#4 Blue Deep Moisturizing]

I have developed a dangerous addiction of sheet masks and will apply a sheet mask almost everyday. In my previous reviews, I mentioned that I’m […]

REVIEW | LuLuLun Face Mask 7s [#3 White Whitening]

The Lululun masks comes in different variants and I literally bought all the variants available. And here I got myself the white one which is […]

REVIEW | Carefree #Breathable Unscented & #Super Dry Scented

How often do you use panty liner? Well for me, I use it after my usual menstrual cycles usually when it gets lesser during the […]

REVIEW | Nivea Deodorant Female Roll On 50ml [#Hokkaido Rose]

I’m a big fan of Nivea for their fabulous product range that caters to everyone’s skin! I seriously did a lot of reviews for Nivea products, you […]

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