MUST-HAVE | Top 3 Face Wash For Oily Skin

How many face washes do you use? For me, I rotate between a few favourites depending on the situation and my mood! Here are my […]

My Top 3 Hair Care Essentials for Silky Smooth Hair

Silky smooth hair isn’t just reserved for people who can afford expensive salon treatments! If you’re also a #brokemillennial like me, at home hair treatments […]

REVIEW | Shiseido Waso Soft + Cushy Polisher

Physical exfoliants often have a bad rep for being chemical laden and abrasive, but they can still be effective when made with nourishing and gentle […]

REVIEW | Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

I love exfoliating. That feeling of deep cleansing and revealing soft and brightened skin can get addictive! Today, let’s review a facial scrub that I […]

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