REVIEW | COSRX Pure Fit CICA Calming True Sheet Mask

I am not a sheet mask person and I normally prefer wash-off masks or toner masking. The main reason is because most (probably 90%) of the sheet masks in the market contains Hyaluronic Acids or Sodium Hyaluronate. My skin couldn’t tolerate with it and it will cause tiny bumps on my skin. But you can’t deny the convenience of sheet masks especially when you need a quick and easy skin fix. So, I never give up hope even though I have to go through all hustle and bustle, reading and checking the ingredients line by line for each product to look for HA-free sheet masks.

I was interested with the line of products that COSRX newly launched as I really like the minimal packaging design. No doubt that the Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic line is a pass for me but the Pure Fit Cica line has caught my attention. And ah haa!! I discovered another HA free sheet masks!! Let’s jump right into the review.


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